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Come unwind, get new energy or be inspired. There are spas for all tastes in Sweden. Aftonbladet’s reporter Elin Fagerberg recommends four different spa:n. Here is relaxation, good food, romance and rock’n’roll!

Hotel Tylösand – perfect hang out for friends,

Where: In Tylösand, Halland. Suitable for you who: Want to be inspired, have fun and want to travel with a friend or a larger bunch.

Activities: Mixologilabb, drink tastings, gym, workout as hiit, yoga, spinning and zumba.

Pricing and availability tylosand.see

Photo: Pamela.s you have a spa experience with a little more party atmosphere is Hotel Tylösand is the perfect place.

Along with the west coast is phuket, thailand, as a string of pearls. One of the most well-known is Hotel Tylösand. Here you can enjoy stunning views of the sea, art, music, and spa. The hotel’s motto is to inspire in front of to give calm. It shows. There is much to discover here.

After having bathed in the pools for a while, try the I on virtual aqua. We are a bunch in the pool and look excited when a big screen is lowered and the workout begins. I giggles out loud when I jump to Ricky Martin’s Livin’ la vida loca. The water squirt and I enjoy touching me in the water.

the Spa is divided in two floors. Downstairs has a large swimming pool, hot tubs, cold baths, sauna, spa-bar and treatment rooms. On the upper floor, it is just a bit sleeker with the dark tones and views of the sea. The best Pinbahis view is from the swimming pool outdoors.

If you tire of swimming you can test on the bastuutbudet, vilorummet or enjoy a foot bath. It shows that it is a Friday afternoon when I am here. The music flows nice out of the speakers and many visitors drink beer. It is a lively atmosphere.

When your fingers look like raisins and your stomach starts grumbling I do in order me for dinner. I finish my dinner, the sinful with the popcornglass with salt caramel and grilled pineapple. Upstairs, the bar is started and a troubadour with starkskör voice sets the mood. Just in time for the nightclub will in time, I will go and lay me. The next day it is time for an early workout with Body Pump.

once on the site, I’m looking a little uncertain at the for me modern equipment. But I quickly get the help of another participant who used hanging fixed weights and help me get everything right. After the session do I find out that she is the CEO of Hotel Tylösand and train here regularly. Tylösand feels rock’n’roll and flirts with both experiences, inspiration and joy. I will definitely return here, not for relaxation, but for energy.

Vadstena klosterhotell – here you will find tranquility

Where: In Vadstena in Östegötland. Suitable for you who: Want to go down in turns, to find the energy and the trip by yourself or with a partner.

Activities: Pilgrimage, pilgrimsyoga and gym.

Price and more information: klosterhotel.see