Middle-aged mom? Mature age pregnancy raises feelings for and against.Stock MOSTPHOTOS”Too young to make children take up yourself youth”

the first child did at the age of 24 and her second child at the age of 30. In fact, I think that children is good to make less than the age of 40. Too young to make children take themselves to the youth that everyone will experience.

the 40-50 -year-old is already too old for children to do. I know that, when I think about myself. I was sick of having to care for a child fully and puberty had been a terrible time. Now all that is over and I can enjoy my life.

Not being a mother never goes away anywhere, even if the children are already adults. The same concern and caring continues, but it is already another story. Dad can come I think, still 50-60 -year-old.

Päivi, 54

“Older mothers have to hear the unreasonable criticism”

I Was 44 years old when I received the first and at the same time my only child. I think that kids should get less than forty, if possible, but I think we old mother we have to undue criticism and nitpicking as the destination. As if automatically, we were the most wretched of mothers, therefore, that we are “older”.

I shuddered and kyvykkyyttäni take care of my child it was suspected, therefore, that I didn’t have any experience caring for young children, before my own child was born. Admittedly, that twenties I would have been pirtsakampi and jaksavaa more, but maybe I wouldn’t have had as much time to my children, career and my work in the heat than it is now.

Marja-Leena, 59

Stock MOSTPHOTOS”I Was pregnant during the best shape of my life”

I was almost 41 when I had my first baby. A long time, so years, was being tried, when at last we did it.

I Was pregnant during my life in order. Could the baby-time very well, because as a parent I was able to abandon my own child’s needs and welfare. My condition for I still can do for the child, but it is no longer possible.

the Nakitbahis getting Pregnant, pregnancy and maternity are individual things.

Night, 48

“I Got kids 17 – and 41-year-old,”

a Good age is to become a mother when you yourself feel ready and get a chance to motherhood. Actually I had my first child at the age of 17 and it was a very good age. My wishes come true! My second son I got the 41-year-old, and even then, motherhood was a great thing.

Tiina, 54

“I could collect savings so that I was able to stay with the kids home,”

I Got my kids 32 – and 34-year-old. I never regretted that I got the children over in the thirties. I can be working and collect savings to the extent that I have had the opportunity to be with the children at home to care free.

Before the kids get to travel with my husband and to be “entertainment” enough. Now I’ve got to calm down and focus on with the children. It is currently the best in my life.

Piiku, 39

Stock MOSTPHOTOS”Now I can enjoy my own life”

I Had my first child at 17 and second at the age of 24. Now I’m 47 years old and I can enjoy my life, into my work as well as hobbies of the spouse with.

Both children are already on their own. With children can go to the movies and visit concerts. When you’re closer to their age, no generation differences show up so clearly.

Young people can more and the kids travel with me everywhere. As a parent, I’ve noticed I’d be more cautious and think about too much of everything in advance.

Ilona, 47

“child, you should definitely get young”

I got only my two children just over the age of 40. Life just go so. That age still doing surveillance at night and take care of children. But does it make sense to have children in his fifties to infertility treatment? I think it’s selfishness and large disregard.

children, you should definitely acquire a younger age, if I did otherwise. However, I am happy that my girls were born healthy and I had a child as a gift without any treatments to it without trying. I believe that in old age the day I was more ready for motherhood.

Maisa, 60