The prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May , has decided to cancel the crucial voting of morning in the british Parliament on the approval of the agreement for the Brexit has reached with the EU, according to the agency Bloomberg and the BBC. The governor shall make a public declaration about this during the day today.

Up to three cabinet members of the ‘premier’, of agreement with the british public broadcaster, indicated that the decisive vote will be postponed to achieve a greater consensus. The vote in the House of Commons to approve the terms of the divorce with the European Union was held on Tuesday night, but now will have to be rescheduled.

“Two sources in the cabinet say to me that you withdrew the vote. Do not, I repeat, is not officially confirmed,” said the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg on Twitter. Subsequently, it has confirmed a third party.

The government of May was difficult to get the green light to the text agreed with Brussels, because that had guaranteed the parliamentary majority for the opposition of the labour, the SNP, the DUP and some of his own party. Since this morning, May holds telephone conversations with his most important ministers and the government is expected to make a formal announcement in the Parliament during the afternoon.

The plan May after suspending the vote would happen, according to the Telegraph, a return to Brussels to get the “guarantees legally binding,” that the United Kingdom will not be “caught” by the safeguards to Northern Ireland indefinitely.

on the other hand, the minister of Brexit, Stephen Barclay, will today also a statement to the parliament on the “Article 50 of exit from the EU”, said the leader of the government in the parliament, Andrea Leadsom, via Twitter. The highest court of the European Union has ruled this Monday that the United Kingdom could unilaterally repeal the article.

The plan May delay the vote makes the process of brexit becomes a great confusion. The prime minister is expected to return to Brussels at an EU summit on Thursday and is expected to ask for new concessions in an attempt to revive the chances of getting your agreement through the Parliament.

May spent the weekend talking with the other leaders of the EU to bring them up to date and to explore possible changes to make the agreement more acceptable. However, the EU has noted that it plans to reopen the negotiations.

The European Commission said on Monday that there will renegotiate the agreement signed with the british prime minister. “We have an agreement on the table,” he told journalists a spokesman of the European Commission, referring to the position expressed by president Jean-Claude Juncker. “Not renegociaremos”.

A day before the Parliament of the United Kingdom have in your hand to reject the agreement for the Brexit of May, the spokesman said that the block was ready for “all scenarios”. He added that Juncker spoke by telephone with May the Sunday.

If the Parliament refuses to ratify the agreement out, the Uk will be way to leave the EU without an agreement, that is to unleash the economic and political chaos. It is possible that she herself is thrown out of her position and that the Uk need new elections or a new referendum to resolve the crisis.

it Is likely that the delay of the vote will only provide a temporary respite to the prime minister, because they are committed to giving a final decision by Parliament on whether to accept or reject the agreement prior to the Uk to quit the bloc on march 29. “Take the vote of the ’agreement’ only delayed the inevitable. Brussels will not be granted any other significant concessions,” wrote conservative member Tory Philip Lee.

The chief minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, accused the first minister británicade act with “pathetic cowardice” after deciding to delay the vote. ”So it is confirmed – it Is a pathetic cowardice on the part of the prime minister. Once again, the interests of the party tory (conservative) are for her a higher priority than any other thing. This can’t continue,” said Sturgeon on Twitter. Minutes before, the Sturgeon already wrote that May and her Executive, “have been left without plan and now need to get out of the way”.

Sturgeon, a strong advocate of the permanence in the community club, has opted for the opposition parties to unite and present a plan of the “brexit” alternative, that allows the Uk to stay in the common market and the customs union.

in Addition, it has indicated that if there is a consensus in the House of Commons to hold a second referendum on the exit or stay in the EU, the parliamentarians of their training, the Nationalist Party, the Scottish (SNP) voted in favour.

For his part, the leader of the opposition british labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, called it “a desperate decision. When he heard the news, noted that “the Government has decided that the agreement of May is so disastrous that it has taken the desperate way to delay the vote at the last minute”. ”We have two weeks knowing that the pact May would be rejected in Parliament because it is detrimental for the Uk”, said the leader of labour on his Twitter account.

Corbyn criticised the fact that the “premier” decided to move on when, in his judgment, “would have gone back to Brussels to renegotiate or call elections so that the people could choose someone that I did.”

”we don’t have a Government that works” said the opposition leader, who criticized that, “while May is still misleading the ‘brexit’, the public service are at “a critical moment” and communities are suffering because of “lack of investment”. The alternative plan of the Labour Party that “puts the job into the foreground” should occupy the center of the talks with Brussels, concluded Corbyn.

Related Justice of the EU states that the Uk may revoke the Brexit unilaterally