Iranian foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif declared on Instagram, apparently in his resignation. “I apologize that I’m able to use my office to continue to engage in, and for all my shortcomings in my tenure,” said Zarif, according to the AFP news Agency on Monday evening in the Online social network Instagram.

The news agencies IRNA and Isna reported by a confirmation of cancellation by a Vice-spokesman in the foreign Ministry. On the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs on Monday, however, first of all, neither a confirmation nor a denial of the withdrawal.

Zarif had been a driving force behind the nuclear deal with Iran by 2015. The 2015 agreement should prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. In return, sanctions should be lifted. The USA have now been taken out of the agreement back and imposed new sanctions.

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According to the assessment of political observers in Tehran has Ruhani for the experienced diplomat Zarif is currently no Alternative. In question, his Deputy, Abbas Araghchi, or atomic chief and Vice President Ali would be the most likely-Akbar Salehi. But none of them has the Charisma of Sarifs. (AFP, dpa)

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