We had a fine conversation, but I thought that it never would be paid.

– There should not happen anything with Embla.

How to remember Swedish Linda Strandqvist according to Aftonbladet.see the conversation, she and her now deceased daughter had in the month of march, when they happen to be talked about organ donation.

Mamma, on the hander me nĂ¥gonting vill jag donera mina’s body (the Mother, if there is something of me I want to be an organ donor), said 10-year-old Embla namely. She was a fresh girl, who went to the gym. And that statement meant that six other children in the day walking around with one of Emblas bodies. the

10. June sat in the family: in the car on the way from Helsingborg, sweden to Ystad, when they ran into a truck. Emblas life was not to save, and the doctors took Betsmove the six bodies, which now lives on in six other children:

– On some months, we must return to the hospital to hear how it goes with the children who have her organs.

– We hope that it goes well for all six, says the mother to Aftonbladet, but what do you say?

Right now there are more than 55.378 danes, who have supported borgerforslaget ‘is Automatically an organ donor from the age of 18 years’. It is the patient organisation Donation – thank you! that suggests that we introduce presumed consent in Denmark, then you automatically are an organ donor, when you reach the age of 18 years.

the proposal is adopted, one is automatic, when you reach the age of 18 years, and you don’t want to be an organ donor, then you have to actively choose it from, and Betinna H wrote to the nation! in april about why she supports the proposal.

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