Prefer to be in the Pizzeria or fancy Sushi? Wants to eat the friend a hearty meal or elegant dining? Should we try out the new Indians, or again to the Bavarian Inn? Comes with maybe Vincent? The is a Vegan, is it? We need a larger table? No matter. We will reserve for the time – everywhere. Quickly find the phone number of a call, googled, done.

Berlin offers so many culinary options, it can be difficult to decide. For many hosts, but the Problem starts here.

Who reserved a table, and then does not appear, a cost of the host nerve and, above all, money. Finally, the table must be kept free and may not be to other, possibly waiting guests awarded. So it comes to the bizarre Situation that Hungry to wait in the restaurant while several tables are empty but not busy. Because the non-Binding at the end, but spontaneously have changed your mind.

Previously only in upscale Restaurants

reservations are not affected use, is more than just an annoying bad habit. In the hospitality industry, it’s called “No-Shows” – gross has not translated someone shown. The unredeemed reservation was a few years ago, only a Nuisance for more upscale Restaurants, the theme is now known throughout the industry. And also in Berlin for many owners a business is a risk.

The German Hotel and restaurant Association (Dehoga) says: Empty places stay lead especially in Restaurants with a small number Asyabahis of tables and the lack of walk-in customers to “significant Revenues”. The staff must be paid, if the Restaurant is in spite of many reservations, only half full. As a reaction to the unreliable guests, some caterers prepayments and cancellation have introduced fees. The meeting then – as so often – all the time, even those that need to cancel in advance, regretfully, over the phone, because someone became sick.

Who is unable to comply with appointments, they must cancel

A city like Berlin, with all its possibilities, invites, of course, to the non-binding nature, not only during the restaurant visit. Who but always everything is open, not often a lot of it. New year’s eve, the LOB is full of people who are on the hunt for the best Party in the city at midnight in the U-Bahn or Tram Stra. Especially in the human-to-human non-binding nature is not casual, but disrespectful, and antisocial. To be about Dating Apps to meet and then sit to be left, is the last.

of Course, there are sometimes good reasons to make a visit to a restaurant to burst, even in the short term. In principle, it must be: Who makes the appointments and is unable to comply with, have to you cancel. This is true for municipal as for the Pizzeria. After all, everyone does not benefit when the free space in front of the administrator remains empty, and the favorite restaurant is not broke.

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Laura Hofmann

I don’t care what you eat. The main thing is that, your clear message! You will see: It pays to be reliable.