Mature offers a pork and three euros to vote in the municipal domingoLeopoldo Lopez asks not to recognize Maduro by “usurper”

The murder of an indigenous Pemón, allegedly by agents of military intelligence, in Canaima, al sur de Venezuela, tarnished the elections to choose municipal councilors. Elections which is illegal because it violates the law of regulation of periods constitutional because it prohibits to separate the election of councillors, the mayors, such as has been done by Nicolas Maduro to try to decrease the failures of participation that have been registered in the last election.

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena , announced yesterday that the ruling party prevailed in municipal elections. “With a 92,30% of data transmission and 27.4% of participation— of the 156 “lists which” in this electoral process, 142 are which for the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which is equivalent to a 91%,” said Lucena in national chain of radio and television.

The abstention surpassed the 72% of the electoral census which is located in 20 million electors convoked by the non-recognized national and internationally, National Constituent Assembly to elect 2.459 councillors of the 335 municipalities throughout the country.

Making mischief, the CNE also disqualified the participation of the four main parties of the opposition: Democratic Action (ad), primero Justicia, A New Time, and Popular will. However, the best demonstration of the low participation were the centres and schools empty, in spite of the hams and bonds of three euros offered by the regime of Maduro in order to motivate the vote. The few who came also said that in the notebooks election had a few signatures, and patterned treads.

“In my page in the binder poll, only I had signed,” he told ABC a voter at 12 noon in the municipality opposition Chacao. In other municipalities they repeated the same scene of solitude and indifference.

The installation of the so-called “red dots”, a red tents of the chavista United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), close the polls, defied the prohibition and exercised the coercion as in previous elections, without any shame. These “red dots” passed list control to the bearers of the passport of the country which is acreditaban a pork and a bonus of 2,000 bolivars if they voted for the candidates chavistas.

In the caracas municipality Chacao, a constituent requested him to give the pork “Help me with the christmas bonus because I solve”. But not all the bearers of the card will have a happy Christmas. In the Canaima National Park, where is located the Angel falls, the highest in the world, located in the state of Bolivar, was killed by Charli Penalosa , 21 years of age, indigenous Pemón, which led to the chiefs of the tribe to suspend the municipal elections in all of the Great Savannah for the mourning of one of its members. According to the testimonies of their relatives “died in the operating room with a shot below the knee”.

The deputy opposition Américo De Grazia says that some agents of the General Directorate of Counterintelligence, Military (Dgcim) fired against a group of indigenous pemones that guard the area, leaving 4 injured and one dead.

in the meantime, and ignoring, the minister of the Interior, Nestor Reverol, said that “we are confident that with the civility that has characterized the people of Venezuela, tonight and tomorrow peace will reign”.