Carlos García Juliá escaped from the Spanish justice, in 1994, when he had to fulfill a few ten years in prison effective from the long sentence, almost two hundred years, it had fallen to be one of the material authors of the killing spree of the lawyers of Atocha street in Madrid in January 1977.


The discrete life of the gun-toting right-wing Arrested in Brazil, Carlos García Juliá, one of the authors of the massacre of Atocha

Garcia Julia was 24 years old when he performed the “feat” that left a toll of five dead and four injured very serious. Until then, there was nothing remarkable in his brief biography, except that he had been with a military bearing impeccable a flag in a ceremony presided over by Blas Piñar, a notary public, who at that time was head of the organization New Force, of the extreme right.

Carlos García Juliá went to guys like Jose Fernandez Cerrá and the officer Ignacio Albaladejo, or a former member of the Blue Division, Leocadio Jimenez Caravaca. Were the hours taking rods together in the vicinity of the Transport Union, headed by Juan García Carrés.

As increasing the alcohol content of the francachelas, were menudeando the living to Spain and bluster that used to be in the air. There had to stay, until they are crossed in their lives a Transportation strike that the leaders of gangsters of the Union Vertical could not control. A man, a member of the then illegal Workers ‘ Commissions, Joaquin Navarro, was identified by Klasbahis the Union as the leader of the protest. And the sinister group of cronies patriots was commissioned, paid for, of escarmentarle in any way.

they Were bad as gunmen. Everything that followed the assignment was a succession of bungling, bloody, but bungling. Joaquin Navarro escaped, unknowingly, from the attack, and four lawyers and an employee of the firm, that advised the strikers were dead, riddled with bullets.

The perpetrators of the shootings were Jose Fernandez Cerrá and Carlos García Juliá. The two acted with great composure and exceeded the instructions received from to teach a good lesson to Navarro. But who could pass up without doing anything to the State Greater than the communist threat that speakers turned on as Blas Piñar and other complaining constantly?

Garcia Julia discovered that night that killing is not so difficult, if you have the incentive, the weapons and the resources required. And he had all of those things. Above all, I had enough desire to shoot communists of flesh and bone. It is known, has not been repeated.

After his conviction, his stay in prison and his escape, his life became that of a delinquent minor. Some drugs, some leak more, falsification of documents, and a job of driver wage in São Paulo, as the men who wanted to suppress in Spain.

he Was just a fascist either.