“Sexist Seich”, actor Mike Müller. “Herjee, where we actually live? Embarrassing u tweeted discriminatory of SRF”, the green national councillor Maya Graf. And Tatjana Haenni, who heads the Swiss football Association women’s football, also wrote on Twitter: “wow … and that was your contribution to this topic?” The Emoticon of a downward-pointing thumb. Otherwise: severe criticism in the social media.

the occasion was made in respect of a Federal analysis of the Celebrity show “Glanz & Gloria”. The previous SRF-man and today’s communications consultant Patrick tube looked at the inaugural talk of Viola Amherd and Karin Keller-Sutter . “What I have noticed: it has a slightly trembled voice, has already wrestled with some version of,” commented pipe Amherds occurs. To add immediately: “What would be absolutely normal, absolutely understandable. “

Larger jewelry?

in addition to the pipe on the Sofa sat the Stylist Clifford Lilley. For him, CVP Federal Redwin councillor Eveline Amherd “as a mother”, the FDP had a-Federal councillor Keller-Sutter, he recommended something “more imagination”. This will be achieved through the use of “large jewelry”.

Karin Keller-Sutter will be subjected to criticism. Video: SRF

the pipe was replaced in 1999 by Filippo leutenegger as “Arena”-Moderator, defended his appearance: “I can only speak for my Part and for the shipment or the consignment facility.” He had been invited as a communication consultant to analyze politicians. “My task in this show was to give on the one hand, a direct Feedback of the first performances of the newly elected and to assess, on the other hand, your previous communication behavior.” This task he fulfilled to the best of our Knowledge and belief, “and I don’t see the Problem.” Stylist Lilley says it was not his intention to annoy or to provoke. He had not only judged the Image, the expertise of the new Federal standing councillors for discussion. “Otherwise they would not have landed where you are now.”

SRF itself, distancing itself now from the show. The basic idea was to illuminate the Federal Council elections, from a different optic, says “Glanz & Gloria”-editor-in-chief Paola No compared to Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet. “We have shown, unfortunately, a lack of sensitivity. This is our mistake, and for that we apologize.” (I)

Created: 07.12.2018, 11:42 am