The decision of Pedro Sanchez present finally the Budgets in January, has sparked speculation about a breakthrough election imminent if the accounts do not come out, something that at this point remains the more likely option. The president, however, wanted to clear the possibility that it will be in march, something difficult for the times but not impossible. “In march we will be working and ruling,” he commented in an informal conversation with journalists at the reception for the day of the Constitution, in which the informants crowd with kings, ministers, presidents, mps, judges, and entrepreneurs of all kinds in a room of Lost Steps especially overwhelmed.


The King endorses the validity of the Constitution even though “Spain is not that of 40 years ago” Churches: “The King’s speech has been disappointing” Pedro Sánchez: “the independence gives them the same model State, they want to go against the being of Spain,” Diaz assures that it will stay in the opposition if it fails to form a government

Sanchez has insisted that the fall of the Budgets would not necessarily imply an advance election, but in the political world close to the Government and the PSOE is already working with the super Sunday of may (elections, regional, municipal, european, and general) as the most likely scenario if you do not leave the accounts.

The president doesn’t want to speculate with the possibility that the emergence of Vox and the rise of the right in Andalusia can alter the strategy of the pro-independence. The theory that is being installed in the political class is that PDeCAT and ERC will now have to turn if you do not want to provoke an advance election that could open the way to the arrival to The Moncloa of a centre-right much more radicalized, with PP and Citizens in positions very harsh on Catalonia and Vox push to go even more to the extreme.

The president is convinced that PP and Citizens are going to radicalize from now on. Sanchez, however, believes that the parties pro-independence “have their own road” and not let take by the irruption of the extreme right. The Government is confident even in the PDeCAT not to this amendment the whole. If it did, the Budget would fall in three weeks. If you do not, this would start a long process that allows to attempt to negotiate with amendments. Even so, the scenario of an Betxlarge approval of the Budgets in full the judgment of the procés (the parliamentary times lead to February or march) is considered highly unlikely (although never impossible) even for the most optimistic in the Executive.

Sanchez yes advanced that you plan to continue taking forward some decrees key. That assumes the star’s agreement with United we Can, the climb up to 900 euros, the minimum wage, to be adopted at the end of December to enter into force on 1 January. It is a key decision that will have an effect on millions of people, those that earn the minimum wage and salaries in some way linked to him.

If they fail the Budget, the president will use this decision to assign responsibility to the parties of independence that does not approve a few accounts that are “too good for this community” in a time of social protest and also to tell the electorate a socialist traditional, which in good part was the abstention in the elections in andalusia, that it is not real that dependence PDeCAT and CKD that they are talking about PP and Citizens. But for the moment, Sanchez is still working until now and attempts to find bridges with the pro-independence. The president has insisted that the 21 of December will attempt to meet with Quim Torra in Barcelona. “If I do not want to see is your problem. I am at your disposal. In the Council of Ministers in Barcelona we will approve important things”; said Sanchez, who will travel to this city with all its Government.

The elections in andalusia have completely changed the landscape and were present in all the corridors. Sanchez, who maintains a long confrontation with Susana Díaz and Monday sent clear signals that it is willing to move to take control of the andalusian federation as she lost the power of the Board, was concentrated to journalists in defending it. He insisted on several occasions that she is the candidate of the socialist party to try to the endowment, and there will be no other option. “Susan or Susana”, he went on to say. The president kept the truce that both have agreed to the formation of a Government, but everything indicates that the hostilities of an historic battle is not resolved between these two sectors will resume the next day.