Dear city of Copenhagen.

– Once I was a happy citizen in the city of Copenhagen.

I had work as social and health care assistant and I loved my job.

But everything changed suddenly, from one day to the other in 2005, where I met brisk at work as night shift and went home in the morning as an invalid.

– severe pain in the back and neck. I thought it would be better when I had slept, but it was never. It got worse and worse.

so begins Pia H a letter to the nation! about to be sick, of social assistance and shivering nervous to open the e-mail of the fear of the job center. Pia has followed the debate borgerforslaget ‘Sick to get out of the employment’ created, and although the proposal did not reach Parliament (10.889 had supported it since the six-month deadline expired), so she would like to strike a blow to cases like her being torn out of the job centers. the
Her letter continues: namely, like this:

After a long clearing in the hospital, under the auspices, I got asked diagnoserne Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, decreased physical functioning and a herniated disc in the neck which the doctors would not operate since there was a 50 % risk of being lame. In addition, I had wear and tear in the upper part of the back, in the knees and fingrerne and the knee had to be operated with binoculars.

– I had a hard time to cope with the challenges in their own home, but nevertheless, I squeezed out in different flows – blah. a arbejdsprøvning in 2008, as deteriorating my condition further as I always had the pressure up in time and tasks.

– A funktionsevnevurdering already showed in 2006 that I had the ability to work as an 80-year-old – back then I was only 41 and I have not got any better since. I broke down physically and mentally 10 days before my arbejdsprøvning should stop. I could do no more.

– Why would I be pressed?

– My physical and mental condition Güvenilir Bahis Siteleri was now so alarming, that I had nothing to do, subsequently and on top of my physical disabilities, ku’ I am now also diagnosed with depression and severe panic disorder, it is also called an agony.

– I have never had such problems before, it was your pressure that triggered it.

– Fortunately, I got treatment with both a psychiatrist and psychologist, but when you’re as sick as I am – why do think so that one should be pressed so much?

– despite the fact that the city of Copenhagen has applied to me for a psychiatric disorder on top of my physical diagnoses, stops your sagsmishandling not here.

– Even if a walk has pushed me beyond the limit, continue with more flow and impossible work trials and to finish the 3-year-olds resources flow all to push my ability to work in the weather, although both doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists have told you that my problems are permanent and I get it worse when I try.

– I have no ability to work, and it shows my helbredspapirer also evident.

– today we write the year 2018, and I’m still not clarified, but I feel burnt out, the pain is exactly the same, but feels worse when you have anxiety and depression.

The absurdity is that it is you, I have anxiety.

– In put me on incapacity benefit, even though it is illegal when it is quite clear that I’m sick, and it feels as if my case goes backward instead of forward.

– well It’s all also about the fear of what the job center can find on the (terror in order to open the e-mail) – and the economy…. ?

– Dear city of Copenhagen, seems In itself, to be the familiar?, write Pia H. and adds to her finances, of course, is tighter on cash than if she got disability pension, but it is actually not acting so much about it. The most important thing is health, and the constant pressure of the job center puts on her.