It is Scotland Yard’s unit for counterterrorism, SO15, which secured new clues to at least two deaths that surrounded by strange circumstances. The Sunday Times writes that the investigators are now seeing more signs that these have connections to Russia.

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the investigation that led to the british prosecution service CPS on 5 september, accused Aleksandr Misjkin and Anatoly Tjepiga from the Russian military intelligence service GRU. The men should, under the alias ”Alexander Petrov” and ”Ruslan Bosjirov” have done giftmordförsöken against Sergei and Julia Skripal in Salisbury on 4 march – an attack that prime minister of norge, Theresa May said ”almost certainly” should have been carried out on orders from the highest Russian place.

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one of The return of the case of Russian businessman Aleksandr Perepelitjnij as to swiss prosecutors, in 2010 handed over the documents of the high Russian officials miljardsvindel. The 43-year-old Perepelitjnyj had as well as Skripal resident in the Uk and on november 10, 2012 in Surrey, he ate soup of sorrel, set off on a jog, vomited, and fell down dead.

came forward to different things – on the one hand, natural death, on the other hand, poisoned by a toxin from the plant gelsemium. U.s. authorities last year have informed the british counterparts that Perepelitjnij murdered ”on the direct orders of [Vladimir] Putin or someone close to him”, but the task has never been confirmed, and the president dismisses all such allegations as ”nonsense”.

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The second case is about the scottish businessman Scot Young who fell from his home’s four floors up and spiked on the staketspjälorna of metal below in London on 8 december 2014. The macabre incident has been reclassified as a suicide, but his family has strongly disputed that he would have been suicidal, and many have instead pointed out the shady business he devoted himself in Moscow, where he was friends with several prominent Putin critic.

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the data has to SO15 by Skripal survey to be able to secure a veritable treasure of information on the GRU, including evidence of how the agents traveled in and out of the Uk at the time of the reinvention of the deaths are believed to move more than Perepelitjnij and Young. In addition to Misjkin and Tjepiga shall kontraterrorismenheten have mapped an additional 40 people who all have clear connections to the Russian intelligence headquarters in Moscow.

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Thanks to the Netherlands and the arrest of four other GRU agents are now in October and the suspected to have had the intention to hack the anti-kemvapenorganet OPWC in the Hague, where the origin of the Skripals married Novitjok is examined, has also been able to identify 305 the other people from the GRU:s cyberenhet. In a comprehensive review from Buzzfeed last year were not less than 14 deaths on british soil, with potential links to the Kremlin.

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is extremely sensitive and can lead to major diplomatic consequences just in case Skripal then the Uk, the USA, Sweden and many more countries sent home a total of over 150 Russian diplomats. In september said british home secretary Sajid Javid that ”there is no reason to reopen one of the investigations unless they receive new information”. At least some of the at least 14 ”natural” deaths has now omrubricerats as ”suspicious”.