a sad characters in the time that verdensordenen as we’ve known it at least in the last 30 years, a little goes a up in liminga. One expression of this is the resistance that nedrustningsavtalen the INF agreement between the united STATES and Russia meet. Agreements on cooperation motarbeides or be neglected, and replaced in Donald Trumps time of a political thinking with a sosialdarwinistisk and fascistoid luggages. It’s about the survival of the fittest. And not about the binding agreements that are meant to keep the tension at a minimum.

the INF treaty prohibits the the united STATES and the Soviet union, and now Russia, to have and develop, the short – and mellomdistanseraketter. The agreement was made in The cold war winding down, of presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. It was especially important for Europe, because these missiles were removed on both sides. Now says the united STATES and Nato that Russia cheats, and have tried out a rocket called 9M729. Russia says that they are complying with the agreement, and that the united STATES has other motives for breaking it. Russia has been given a 60 day deadline to prove to the USA that they comply with the INF treaty, if it does happen will the united STATES three out of the. Russia has promised to “respond” if the united STATES withdraws from the agreement. Such risk Europe to be a hostage for it, which in the worst case can be a new arms race between the united STATES and Russia, with nuclear missiles in our neighbourhood.

Subject Russia believe that the united STATES has is China, which develops short – and mellomdistanseraketter, and is not covered by the INF treaty, which is only a bilateral agreement. Thus both the united STATES and Russia, after all, to judge both a bit right. Russia live the hardly agreement, and the united STATES have a different motive than Russia to cancel it, namely, to meet the chinese economy. None of this infringes, however, with the bigger picture. The picture that we live in a dangerous world characterized by less trust.

question war and peace dominate the scene in our time of the zero-sum-players Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin. They both have as a prerequisite that one person’s victory is the other’s defeat. That there can be multiple winners in a game – so, for example, the Eu history shows us – is for them an alien thought. Because it is in Trumps and Putin’s time is increasingly all about the survival of the fittest. A thought that is very distant from the values we hold us in the Newspaper.

Putin have obtained an excuse for action. It was it was perhaps not so wise to give him Comment