There are all plenty to worry about – also in sexual arousal: do I Get sex enough? Is my sex life not a little boring? Is my naughty fantasy about someone other than her boyfriend signs that there is something wrong?

Most likely, there is no reason for concern – rather, the problem is that you have too high expectations for sexual arousal.

It takes sexterapeuten Tracey Cox, who lists the typical delusions, which actually can destroy sexual arousal. We are inspired to the following five points:

You may remember back on your first wild time, where In apparently banged like rabbits on Ecstacy and Viagra. You are reading about other residents ‘ jubilant sex, and you feel that the one-time week, In mander you up to the exchange of kropssekreter, is too little.

Various studies, scientific as well as more popular, often point on an average. But average is not the same as all do or ought to do such – sexual arousal are affected: in very of circumstances, stress, job, kids, hormones.

there Are small children and fuldtidskarierre and a workout for the marathon, is sex once a month is not unusual. But have just met each other and have the same sexfrevkens, perhaps there is reason for concern.

It is quite normal that sexfrekvensen is diminishing gradually, as the relationship becomes longer. Sexfrekvens can be an indicator that something is wrong – but then far from always.

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Tantrasex in hours, advanced BDSM rituals with the cross, the stone and equipment, partnerbytte, sex toys, sprøjteorgasmer and copious amounts of anal sex – how to grow any other than you apparently sex, if the articles on the sex&cohabitation is the expression of how the danes rides themselves sexually.

So you are afraid that your lovely sex with three fixed posts are boring. Even if you actually love it.

But experimentation is not the same to the full satisfaction and intimacy, and the vast majority, also the wild sexperimentalister, has also vaniljesex and fast speed on a flat Wednesday.

So relax just by – ‘dull’ the sex is only a problem if you indeed have use for the other buns on the soup and your girlfriend always says no.

You love for your boyfriend. Therefore, you should also sexfantasere the most about him, don’t you think.

But you’re not. In the daily you can turn on the celebrities and the strangers, co-workers and craftsmen, and they show up (in mind), when you jerk off.

And also this is perfectly normal. It just shows that you have a healthy and curious about sexuality, which quite naturally excites of new impulses – just because you find other people interesting, you do not go in bed with them.

It is not so milf porno appropriate, if you always fantasize about someone else while you have sex with your partner – it creates distance and can be a sign that you just have to stop and look at what you are possibly missing.

Sexperterne – 1. mar. 2016 – pm. 21:52 Drop your brok over your imperfect girlfriend

Yes, it is in family with the above: Your boyfriend watching porn, and you are afraid that something goes from you, that you are not good enough, delicious enough, brazen enough. But there is no reason to.

as For as your sexfanasier is your own and not have anything to do with the fact that you do not turn on your sex life, then pornoen just a subsidy for his masturbation. Pornoonani is mostly a form of erotic meditation and stress relief.

But if he constantly chooses pornoonanien rather than you, there is reason to question it and find out what he’s missing, and if there are other problems in your relationship.

In the movie come pairs like in the violent simultanorgasmer. It happens just rarely in your bed. So you think there is something missing.

It does not, for simultanorgasmer is not normal, not least because the vast majority of women can’t get by penetrationssex. It usually requires stimulation of the clitoris – for example by oral sex.

this is the only reason for concern if you never reach the to have an orgasm, before he has been finished and the dratter.

In the best of all worlds teeth In completely the same thing, in the same manner and at the same time.

But it does not, of course. No match each other 100 percent, but the notion that one ought to do it, can get the small lystforskelle to feel bigger and worse than they are.

In a good and loving relationship there is room for give and take and accept the little quirks and trying to go on each others games,

However, it can be a problem, if you really need to smack and volume games every day, while he would rather have a gentle missionary every other week. In this case, a compromise, where you both make an effort you to get the partner in the meeting. Compromises, however, have the possible disadvantage that no one is satisfied.

Perfectionism kills the desire

A british study shows that women who think that their partner has the perfectionist demands for sexual, feel less arousal, less wet and feel less sexual self-esteem and more sexangst.

366 women aged between 17 to 69 completed questionnaires about sexual arousal, just like they had to tell about own and partner’s (imagined) sexual perfectionism.

among other things They were set, where agree they were in statements such as:

‘I have very high perfectionist goals for myself as a sexual partner.’

‘I expect nothing less than the perfect from my sexual partner.’

‘My partner demands nothing less than the perfect of me as a sexual partner.’

’the Community expects that I am always a perfect sex partner.’

After between three and six months completed women a big part the women the same questionnaires again.

the Researchers wonder why these notions that the partner has the perfectionist sexkrav thus affect women’s sex life in negative degree:

on the one hand, these performances (i.e. not necessarily mean that the partner actually HAVE these requirements) lead to a form of performance anxiety with women. And performance anxiety in both men and women often have negative consequences for the sexual functions.