Hopeless, you could describe the Situation of the SPD. Tactically locked up desires between government and Opposition; between a fresh face at the top of the supposedly largest competitors party, the CDU, and acting also still quite new party top exhausted.

although There are ways out, but could be painful. Party and group leader Andrea Nahles is required to show a clear edge to the CDU, even if it could go at the expense of the coalition peace.

The debate to the paragraph 219a could use the SPD-deputies, to rebellion against Nahles. You must, however, use the Betvole discussion to revolt against the CDU. You bend, it could be tight for you. Nahles, who started with great hopes, has disappointed so far.

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dispute Clause 219a SPD Deputy threatens Nahles with the request for a certain decision

Stephan Haselberger

For the SPD must be values cannot mark time any longer in the face of less than 15 percent of the survey over. For the party, it’s a matter of political Survival. The most of the social Democrats know only you must act now then. This also applies to potential Nahles-heirs. You should trust, before it is too late.

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