Gives the word ‘consent’ you want to grab the nearest feminist and shout ‘feminazier destroys gender mating,’ then this article might give you food for thought and get you to think one extra time before you gramser on a woman without asking first.

For even in a highly seksualiseret environment as swingerverdenen is and has consent always been a basic rule. And you can maybe learn a little.

From swingergaarden between Ringsted and Slagelse tells the new owner Caroline Blixenkrone-Møller, that the consent is fundamentally at the club:

– You always ask for permission first, even if it’s just a hand on a thigh out in the bar!!! Otherwise you might be thrown out if any complaints, says the 43-year-old owner. the
Owner of Swingergaarden, Caroline Blixenkrone-Møller. Private
You do not spontaneously go to a couple having sex inside the club, and try to participate – or for that matter just ask. There waiting nicely, for you get a glance or hint.

– It is in the high degree of Polish and good behavior. And most often the initial contact in the fx bar, where you first ask. And it may be, ‘shall I lay my hand on your thigh?’ or ‘do you want to swipe?’ says Caroline, and tells that it often also is women, there gramser without asking first.

– It is just less often, to complain about the women who forget to get the consent.

Caroline Blixenkrone-Møller, who was the guest of the club before she took it over, and as in his civilian life is optician, believes that swingerreglen on the consent will be good out in the real life:

– It would make it all much easier for all. Direct questions and answers is very easy to relate to. And it don’t have to be ‘Hi, you look cute, will you swipe?’ – which can work in a club. You can take it in stages. In addition, my position is clear; you Are over 18, have a responsibility to say yes and no – and to listen for the answer, says Blixenkrone-Møller, who has met his girlfriend in the club.

– he Asked about the law? <br Kaçak Bahis / > – No, he asked not about the law, for it was me who took the initiative. I asked if he had the desire to teach me to get beat. We met each other for a course in slagteknik down on Gaarden, afterwards, we hopped in the spa, just to forventningsafstemme, since I would like to have the whip and had not tried it before. He was accustomed to give and had, therefore, a need to learn me a little to know in order to be able to read my body. Since we had talked a little back and forth about the utility and strength, we went upstairs in the s/m-room in order to get the right mindset and went in the time.

Swingerparrat Lawrence and Jess, who together have the club Our Secret Spot, which has been voted Australia’s best club, tells how the consent is fundamentally at the club:

– The most important rule is consent. At our club and all other clubs in the world is consent the key, because you can not just go around and gramse on people, ” says 31-year-old Lawrence.

– most who come to the club, think that it is such, but it is much more respectful than on a regular nightclub, where the guys gramser on women, because they can.

The biggest misconception about swingerlivet is that you will have to swipe that first person you bump into, ” says Lawrence, who tells, that 70’s concept with nøglefester, where the participants put their keys in a basket, and then they are pulling each other completely at random, and sex, not going on more.

– You can choose yourself what will make you say ‘ yes ‘ or ‘ no ‘ to everything, you are basically in total control the whole time.