– As it is now, is ill, who do not want to endure the misery any longer, out of despair, often ineffectual and unsuccessful, perhaps bloody or painful suicide attempts.

– Pilleoverdosering

– Slow hanging

– Suffocation with a plastic bag.

– Falling from a height

– Sham road accident (with risk to others).

Throwing himself out in front of trains or cars.

– the Ingestion of plantegift.

– Drowning.

– Shooting.

– Selvmutilering with sharp instruments.

How to justify the retired doctor Svend Lings, who was in court yesterday in Svendborg, accused of having assisted at suicide, a borgerforslag on euthanasia, which right now has got the 4730 support.

the Prosecution goes after the imposition of the Lings prison sentence and the next hearing is set to d. 19. september, but the number of danes, who with their NemID supports borgerforslaget that it should be legal to help other people to die, is rising steadily.

– Legalisation of euthanasia would mean that people who have serious illness without prospect of improvement, it can get useless torments brought to an end in a proper way.

– So they, at his own request, may have peace. As the law is now, the failure of society to its most vulnerable citizens, those without the voice, the sounds, the motion, which you can read here in its full length.

If you want to support the proposal, which will have 50,000 supports in d. 30 October to reach the Parliament, you Tempobet must have your NemID ready. On the DR News Facebook, you can see that the support for the doctor is great:

See also: Old and sick: Would like to die for not to be a burden

– I supports the physician and may want to follow his recommendations at a later time in my life.
– I have worked in nursing homes for many years and have seen how the old are suffering unnecessarily because doctors have been too clever to regenerate and prolong life. the
I personally will never end, writes Amy’s in a popular comment (151 likes) and Leva M agree:

– That in a supposedly humane society can deny people the right over their own lives is completely daft.

– a Journeyman is a man, who also removes the pain and suffering in the same way as other doctors, writes Leva.

Could you help another human being to die? Yes No Should it be possible to have voluntary euthanasia in the uk? Yes No

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Could you help another human being to die? 64% Yes 36% No Should it be possible to have voluntary euthanasia in the uk? 10% No 90% Yes

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