The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has requested to the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of the Interior a comprehensive plan of protection of judges and magistrates that serve in Catalunya before the attacks to sites to court.

the permanent commission of The CGPJ has agreed unanimously to contact the owners of those departments, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Miquel Buch , respectively, to seek protection for judges and has submitted the same communication to the president of the Security Board of Catalonia and the chairmen of the Boards of Provincial Security.

in Addition to that, the governing body of the judges asks the State Attorney General’s office to investigate the “attacks” that occurred in recent days and that “to supervise the actions of investigation and prosecution of these attacks that are being carried out by police forces” to “rule out that it may produce omissions that give rise to the requirement of responsibilities”.


Various venues court have dawned painted and covered in excrement

the agreement of The CGPJ occurs after multiple campus judicial in Catalunya appeared “covered in excrement and painted of various kinds that included fundamentally hate messages insulting and threatening” in protest of the recent decisions of the Justice-related procés.

Image with which the CDR for their actions in front of various branches judicial (CDR / ACN)

The CGPJ believe that you are not taking “reasonable measures to provide the assurance of security and integrity” of judges and their families, nor perceived “effectiveness in the investigation and prosecution of many of the acts” occurred. And stresses that it is the Department of Catalan of the Interior that have the competence in this area.

The Judiciary emphasizes its “growing concern” for how in Catalonia, “reproduce and multiply the attacks on judges, their families, their property, and to the court facilities”

The governing body of judges reiterates its “intense preoccupation and growing” by “how in Catalunya reproduce and multiply the attacks on judges, their families, their property, and to the court facilities”. Attitudes that “was initiated some years ago, initially encouraged by members of the institutions of the autonomous Catalan that spurred protests at campuses legal as a formula of rejection of the fulfillment of its obligations on the part of judges and courts”.

Now, says the CGPJ, “those attitudes have degenerated into criminal behavior and have multiplied, to the time that they are exposed as ‘actions’ of groups that are identified under the names or abbreviations known.”

The CGPJ censorship that some of these actions are “pulled by a high representative of the Catalan institutions”

”Major concern occurs for the fact that some of these actions are pulled by a high representative of the Catalan institutions,” the statement added.

The basic premise of judicial independence, says the CGPJ, is that judges “can perform their functions with the due climate of peace and quiet” and guarantee of security. And makes clear that such security “is not a personal privilege but a guarantee of citizens who aspire to live in a democratic society.”

once more, the CGPJ expresses its “constant support” to the judges working in Catalonia and claims of new “effective measures” to put an end to such attacks and the prosecution of those responsible, “and the criminal organizations that carry out”. In addition, calls on the president of the Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya (TSJC) a report on the attacks suffered by judges in Catalonia and those produced in sites legal in this autonomous community.