Christmas traditions remain rarely unchanged people throughout life. For example, the new life comes into the old will give way to the new road. Mostphotos

December is a stressful time. Part of preparing excited but scared to celebrate, another stressing all the christmas related things. Sukulointia, gifts, christmas dining table supply.

Someone came in December against new expectations. Life changes also appear in the festive celebrations, and many on christmas eve may be completely different than in the past.

This writes the name of the character christmas golden :

” – I Spend christmas alone due to my family poor.

for a Long time for a decent christmas people December meant the feeling of loneliness, as well as many cry-filled nights. The only gift I got were socks that I bought myself.

I Feel bad when others talk about their jouluistaan, which was celebrated in Fenomenbet the whole families. I never bothered to tell anyone how bad I feel, when I think of me alone on the couch watching tv, when others spend with their families christmas. If I mentioned it, the response I got is that I’m supposed to enjoy a lonely christmas, because others hate the mandatory family celebration.

I Did also often far too much food on the principle that if someone in my family might pop in, but often the fermentation was canceled and the time up until christmas.

But this year I don’t have anymore to spend alone christmas, when my husband called me to them. I couldn’t be happier.”

a child’s first christmas?

Christmas can change in more than just a new place by spending. Next christmas is for many, certainly the first christmas with a new partner.

Or perhaps the family has become the first child, and a christmas family party, I feel a completely different way than in the past.

Perhaps the situation is the opposite: children have flown the nest, spend a christmas in the past, and parents can spend an adult christmas with each other, each other’s company while enjoying.

We want now to hear our readers stories to life changes and the first different christmas.