The former Nissan Engine, Carlos Ghosn was formally charged on Monday of hiding payments to millionaires agreed with the company, a case that has shocked the business world. As announced by the office of the Prosecutor, the indictment also affects partially, Nissan and other steering very close to Ghosn, Greg Kelly, due to their relationship with the facts.

Ghosn, 64 years of age, was arrested in Tokyo last November 19, defendant initially hide to the authorities revenues that are agreed close to 5,000 million yen (39 million euros). Since I was in provisional detention, pending formal charges.

Nissan has also committed irregularities

The indictment was announced to the beat this Monday the period of provisional detention of Ghosn, which forced the prosecution to release him, pick up new charges or announce formal charges against him for the events that led to his arrest.

“we’re listening to everything you say, but we are not forcing him to plead guilty,” he said today at a press conference the deputy attorney of the district of Tokyo, Shin Kukimoto.

expands to the indictment.

In total, the amounts agreed to by Ghosn and Nissan between march 2011 and 2015 were 76.5 million euros, although it was only declared 50.6% of that sum, according to the official note of the prosecutor’s office delivered today to the journalists.

But, in addition, the office of the Prosecutor issued another warrant of arrest for subsequent years, until this year, charging that He allegedly declared only 40.5% of the remuneration agreed by Nissan for those three years, for a total of 55.7 million. Although the prosecution does not go into details on those additional sums, the difference, according to sources knowledgeable of the case, corresponds to deferred payments that He had agreed with Nissan for when you leave the company.

Image of a logo of Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama, Japan (Eugene Hoshiko / AP)

legal Experts believe that although He never got to receive those figures, by the fact that they have been fixed should have reported them to the regulator stock and to the tax authorities in japan. But, apparently, according to leaks from the defense of Ghosn to local media, the legal inquiries made by Ghosn felt that it was not necessary to declare these sums fixed because it was a deferred payment until his retirement.

The documents of indictment of the Prosecutor’s office considered that Nissan , also committed irregularities by not reporting either to the regulator stock portion of the income as agreed with Ghosn in annual accounting reports of the company.

Maintains the charge in Renault

Ghosn remains president and executive director or CEO of the French firm Renault , with which Nissan has an alliance. It was also ceased as the chairman of Mitsubishi, the third piece of the alliance of automotive forged almost two decades ago.