The Government has made this Friday a call to the PP and Citizens that do not agree with Vox in Andalusia and to prevent this community from becoming “the cradle of the ultra-right” in Spain. So pointed out the spokesman of the Executive, Isabel Celaá, who has pointed out that in Andalusia “a constitutional Government” to prevent that advance the proposals of the extreme right, which “threaten the democratic quality” and pose a “backspace” on social issues and freedoms.


Married excludes now to Vox of the negotiation and just go on as a partner to Citizens in Andalusia What Is Vox a fascist party? Vox ensures that it receives 1,000 memberships a day since the 2nd of December

The spokesman said the “clear winner” of the regional elections of the past Sunday, 2 of December was the PSOE, with more than a million votes and that Susana Diaz is “entitled to defend his candidacy,” to preside over the Junta de Andalucía. In this sense, has described as “surprising” that the PP and Citizens “is arroguen the right to preside over” Fenomenbet the autonomous regional Government when they have been in second and third position, respectively. “We have been the last country in Europe to suffer the impact of the extreme right, but we can be the first to see how the right-wing parties are able to rely on the ultra-right, suppose bleach them,” said Celaá, who has clarified that he was saying “with all due respect to all the voters of Vox”.

The Government has highlighted that the socialists are the “priority” and “responsibility” of finding a “solution to avoid that Andalusia becomes the cradle of the ultra-right” but Vox is already in the institutions because “they have wanted to” the andalusians to the vote to the formation of Santiago Abascal, who has been fifth in the regional elections.

Operation kitchen

The Council of Ministers has agreed to declassify the documents relating to the operation Kitchen, in which he allegedly used slush funds to intervene documentation of the extesorero the PP Luis Barcenas, through the acquisition and confident of his chauffeur. Will be starting this Friday, when the department directs Grande-Marlaska answer to another judge of the National court, Jose de la Mata, who as the instructor of the causes of the roles of Barcenas has asked for an urgent report to the Secretariat of State of Security for that detail what individuals authorized the operation Kitchen, because in his court there were no records of the operating.