the load of the mossos Thursday in Terrassa and Girona against activists sought to boycott demonstrations of Vox, and broke police cordons, threw objects and set fire to containers to achieve this, it has opened a new crisis in the Catalan Government. The president Quim Torra requires the counselor of the Interior, Miquel Buch, that in four days debugging the dome of the police of catalonia, a body in permanent tension since the referendum of the 1st of October. The vice-president of the Parliament, Josep Costa, asked to expel riot. CKD, calling her a “disproportionate” the action and the CUP demanded the resignation of Buch.

The criticism of the Mossos come from their own political leaders, not the opposition, something that provoked a deep malaise in the body. Buch stated on TV3 that “some of the images” of the charges“, not just adjust to the principles of democratic policing” and said that it does not “tremble the pulse” if you have to take to agents from the riot police. The main trade unions of the police Catalan demanded his resignation, accused him of being the director of the CDR, and we challenged you to put in doubt his work. “Enough already!”, claimed.


A detainee and 15 ‘mossos’ injured in an attack on a concentration in favour of the Constitution Buch: “The CDR is not a problem of public order in Catalonia” The Mossos loaded and stopped three people in a protest in Terrassa

Until now, the CUP had led the criticism of the Autonomous, and the owner of Interior by the loads in the latest demonstrations with riots, as Jusapol or attempt to enter by force in the Parliament on the anniversary of the referendum. This Friday we will be joined by the main partner of the Government of Torra. “We show the discomfort and the concern for the actions that are disproportionate to the Mossos”, tweeted the spokesperson of the ERC, Marta Vilalta. The party has already requested a meeting with the counselor Buch.

The pressure came even from the own ranks of Junts per Catalunya. “We cannot tolerate that any agent with coat of arms of the Generalitat to behave as those who came to apalearnos [1 October]. If there is to expel agents of the Brimo [riot], it has to be done without further delay”, he wrote the first vice-president of the Parliament, person of trust of Puigdemont, and a companion row of Buch, Josep Costa. Also the ANC, calling her a “disproportionate” burdens.

The councillor of the Interior and Torra will meet on Sunday, when the president Catalan’s return from Brussels. “Will I end up reporting and take decisions together,” explained Buch. Interior is deciding still if the head of the Mossos, Miquel Esquius, will attend the meeting.
The intention, insist from the Department, is to review the images, and then analyze if it is necessary to take decisions, as could be the opening of records, changes in the dome or at the front of the Brimo. The own Torra, in a statement Celtabet later, lowered the requirement to “changes in protocols”, without discarding either changes in the structure of the police of catalonia.

Citizens, calling her “inadmissible” who is “criminalice and prevent” the Mossos work “after the tremendous images” in Girona and Terrassa, wrote the leader of the party in Catalonia, Ines Arrimadas, on Twitter. The PSC also came out in defense of the police of catalonia, and called it “irresponsible” to put in doubt the “professionalism” of the Mossos, said the leader of the party, Miquel Iceta. The deputy of the PP Alejandro Fernández called for the resignation of the councillor. “A counselor who does not defend the Mossos and the order cannot continue in office,” he said on Twitter, where he praised the work of the agents in order to “ensure the right of demonstration”.

“kale borroka”

The leader of the opposition, Paul Married, demanded that the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, that involved the autonomy of Catalonia, with the application of article 155 of the Constitution. “Kale borroka independence already is not a story,” he said at an event in Teruel, “is completely out of yes.” And said that Sanchez will be an “accomplice” but puts an end to the situation.

The spokesperson of the Government, Isabel Celáa, declined to comment on the load of the Mossos, because, he said, are not the competent authorities to assess whether it should revise the protocols, as it has announced that it will be the department of the Interior. He assured that the administration is “very against” violent demonstrations “wherever they occur”.

the decision of The Government on the Autonomous will “shortly”, “over the next week”, because “you have to give that answer to the citizens”, said Torra in a attention to the media from Slovenia.

The Mossos discussed now various images, among them the various blows of bludgeon which he received a young woman in Girona, after arrancasen the perimeter fences that separated them from a demonstration of the Vox. A performance that the director of the police, Andreu Martinez, defended as “correct” on the same Thursday afternoon at a press conference. Also study some interventions in Terrassa, where the deputy of the CUP Maria Serve was hit in the hand by a projectile of the memory foam. The Catalan Gregues, the defender of the Catalan people, has also opened an investigation.

The Judiciary is wary of the police Catalan

Fernando J. Pérez

The General Council of the Judiciary is wary of the Mossos d’esquadra are investigating with diligence, the harassment of judges and attacks on the headquarters court of Catalonia, carried out by the so-called Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR). “It is not perceived effectiveness”, denounces the government body of the judges. The constitutional body tasked to ensure the independence of the judiciary claim to the State Attorney General’s office to investigate these acts of harassment.
The Judicial Power also asked the public ministry to supervise “the actions of investigation and prosecution of these attacks,” that they are carrying out “the police forces with jurisdiction in the matter”, in reference to the autonomous Catalan police.