the Dog was locked in a laundry room.

– And the owner aired the never.

– So, of course, it has not been brought up properly.

How to write Cristina P in a comment on the australian the Sydney Morning Heralds Facebook page about the dog Simba, a staffordshire terrier cross from Canberra, Australia, for five weeks ago bed its owner to death. the
And Christina are not the only one who seem to the owner – a 46-year-old woman, who had several cakes over the dog, who neighbors described as someone who scored a ’10 out of t0 on malice’ – should have treated and brought up his dog better:

the Dog was apparently never aired…

– It explains it all, writes Chi A in another popular comment, and Melanie A agree:

– Another example that it is important that dog owners treat and train their dogs properly, she writes.

According to the newspaper the dead woman, then she would stop Simba to go to the attack on a friend who came to visit in the home d. 25. October. It succeeded in the first instance, the owner, to get divorced dog and friend along so that his friend could entrench themselves behind a door. But Taraftarium it managed not for the owner to get reassured Simba, at least the dead woman by dog bite:

– I have to really fight with myself to understand why some people obtain such a dog, writing Marley R in the a third popular comment.

the Dog was shot on the spot by a policeman, who had been summoned by anxious neighbors, but what are you thinking?

Who do you think has the most fault? the Dog Owner not it Was OK to shoot Simba? Yes No do not Know

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Who do you think has the most fault? 6% of the Dog 91% Owner 3% don’t Know it Was OK to shoot Simba? 81% Yes 14% No 5% By not

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