According to the male sivilingeniøren took the obese passenger the parts of his passenger seat during a journey of 12 hours from Bangkok to Heathrow.

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The 51-year-old man, the plaintiff now the british airline for 10 000 pounds sterling, over 100 000 Norwegian kroner. In court he explained that he was injured in the back after having been forced to push themselves down in a seat next to an overweight man, reports The Guardian.

According to the plaintiff was his medpassasjer the size of rugbylegenden Jonah Lomu. Prosser stated that the man had a weight of up to 140 kilograms.

is Put in the unnatural position of the COMPARISON: the Passenger, who was described as obese, was compared with rugbylegenden Jonah Lomu. Photo: NTB Scanpix Show more

According to the engineer, he has suffered financial and health after the 12 hours long flight.

In court Friday, he claimed that the flight attendants ignored his inquiries. To the staff, and he said that he came to be injured if he had to sit by the side of the “extremely large” passenger.

He was so big that he had to force his ass between the armrest and the seat. I realized right away that this was going to be difficult for me when I felt the weight of his body against the upper body my. I had to sit in an unnatural position, ” said the man in court.

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He told further that he chose not to take up the issue with the overweight passenger. According to the man, it seemed as if medpassasjeren were aware of the problem.

the Man should have been told that there were no other available seats on the plane. The staff would not let him change places with someone else.

the Plaintiff, that is from Penygraig in Tonypandy, Wales, has flight, Betorder which took place in January 2016, has given him chronic back pain and malfunctions at the bottom of the spine.

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Timothy Salisbury, spokesperson for British Airways, said in court that the passenger was when he compared his medpassasjer with the deceased rugbylegenden from New Zealand.

Rugbyspiller Jonah Lomu was 1.93 tall and weighed 120 kilos.

According to the Salisbury has staff on the plane described the so-called obese medpassasjeren that high, but not so overweight that he would take a seat on the seat beside.

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