Luke is a great dane South Carolina , who with his heartbreaking story adds to the long list of victims of the animal abuse . Their nightmare began when their owners, Jessica James and Skylar Craft , they tied its leg with a rope and kept him without food or drink long enough for that the animal will become dehydrated and malnourished .


Great Dane

In a desperate act of the great dane bit his himself the leg tied to be able to break free and escape the hell in which their owners hold them back. It was then when several agents of the police Whare Shoals he was found emaciated and badly injured.

“When I got closer, I could see that more than half of its leg was gone,” says one of the agents in the police report, released by the british newspaper Metro. In the paper the police officer stands out, moreover, that in the place where you found the animal had no water bowl or food.

The couple, 32 and 38 years, explained to the agents that decided to tie Luke up after he jumped a fence. However, the two suspects gave contradictory versions about how much time he remained injured and tied up.

The couple of owners are accused of animal abuse waiting for a sentence, and Luke is found in the animal shelter Noah’s Ark recovering from the injuries of the leg and the intestinal problems they suffer because of malnutrition.