the Video was filmed last Thursday by the French tv channel TF1 and shows, among other things, the installation of a scaffolding with in the attic before the restoration.

In the article in NRK lifted, among other things, a bygglampa and a batteristyrt electrical tools are developed that are fire hazards. These are seen in the video clip used in the cathedral’s attic, near the rafters.

did any work in the cathedral, said to Bloomberg that there were rigorous rules in which to prevent fires. Then it was, for example, not permissible for the worker to use electrical tools near wooden beams.

Lars Brodin on the fire protection association in Sweden says that such provisions in such cases must be internal rules.

– There is nothing contained in any regulations or laws, then there are no laws surrounding it in France, ” he says.

However, a developer or client to put up ”all sorts of” rules and guidelines for what to apply on the construction site.

– But it also becomes a problem if it applied rules that, in practice, impossible to monitor. Of course you have to be able to perform the work.

as to elverktyget in the video is about an electric screwdriver or drill.

” I see nothing strange with it. There is no risk with them if you handle them right, ” he says, but points out that there is a risk of drilling into a beam and hits a nail.

– It can do that it becomes very hot. It can also start to burn even if you don’t encounter a nail. Such glödbränder generally have a slow progression that escalates as it spreads. There is a low so it goes even faster.

be about a power tool that is rechargeable, and when it is not being charged when you use it, according to Brodin.

– There may always occur errors in your batteries, but while doing so, you will discover it. It is in this case when they are loaded and are unattended. But it does not anywhere, not among the wooden beams and any other combustible.

the Workers also keep on with the cutting operation and and mount the removed statues, which can give a spark or a glödloppa that far away, Brodin.

– There can be many reasons. After such a large fire when the much is gone, it can also be difficult to determine the cause, ” says Brodin, who adds that there will always be a lot of speculation after such a fire.

” No one can say with certainty what is the cause, but it is still very likely that it has work to do.

– In case of rebuilds and renovations turns away protection system and fire alarm system when the ponds very much. If you cut into something or welds, it does cause heating, which is the largest antändningsrisken. In addition, in combustible construction materials, such as foam, which is flammable.

construction debris, residues and dust can be sources of ignition, as well as packaging shall be left on site can pose a danger.

– It is required that there is order and that there are good routines.

specific guidelines regarding fire safety at the renovations and restorations of kulturintressanta buildings in Sweden, by contrast, should you have a risk.

” It’s really the same problem in older buildings, when you take into new hazards. In arbetsmiljöreglerna there shall be a coordinator regarding what risks there are.

in order to get permission to work with so-called ”hot jobs”. It is the fire protection association is behind the concept, which was introduced in 1990.

– It is unique for the Nordic countries. In other parts of Europe and in the united states are trying to introduce it, ” says Anders Bergqvist, general secretary of the fire protection association, which sees the Sweden solution as a model.

the fires on construction sites in Sweden has fallen sharply, see Bergqvist as a direct consequence of the concept.

in the regulatory regime and, therefore, now see the fire protection association of the rules at construction sites. The idea is that there will be a regulatory framework as a builder and insurance companies may refer to, according to the fire protection engineer Lars Brodin.

” There are current ”hot jobs”, but not for fire safety on a construction site. For example, it can be about smoking or if you work with vegetable oils. Linseed oil can cause spontaneous combustion.

today is the many different nationalities who work on construction sites, and who may have other säkerhetskulturer. Language problems can also compromise the fire safety when the communication is important.

– electrical Installations can also pose a fire source to be, if you start working with it. Then it can be about short circuit or overload.

Poorly maintained electrical equipment, such as electric machines and power cutters, is another.

it is often temporary electrical installations which are mobile, but for smaller jobs, connect on the existing in the building.

– Old buildings with old electrical systems is definitely a risk. Especially if you have the black kuloledningarna with duct tape, ” he says.

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