the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has announced this Friday that in the next few days will be fasting for 48 hours to “speaker” of the hunger strike that they are starring in four of the political process of independence that are in provisional detention. From Slovenia, where it is an official trip, Torra has defended his action by ensuring that the pro-independence leaders found in freedom should make this type of actions to denounce the situation of the prisoners.

Netspor “we are outside we have to do speaker. Yesterday I talked it over with the presidents of the Republic and of the Parliament of the slovenian and I noticed that in Europe nobody understands that Spain has political prisoners and people on hunger strike”, said this morning from Ljubljana.

the Round is not the only independence leader who has announced a fast. This Thursday, and for the space of 24 hours, several directors of his Government have already announced a similar action in the Capuchin convent of Barcelona. There, surrounded by activists of the pro-independence and some of the members of the Parliament have vindicated the freedom of the political prisoners.