“Vom Himmel Hoch” was the new “crime scene” from Ludwigshafen. Because Christmas is coming up soon, thought most of the viewers sure of the well-known hymn, in which an angel of the birth of Christ heralds. However, there is no sky was a messenger that came to the people, but murderous drones.

First of all, you got a good old kick-off corpse. A psychiatrist specializing in war trauma, had been slain in his practice. An American soldier, a combat drone pilot for the Air Base Ramstein, belonged to his patients. She had killed the doctor, because he wanted to write disabled? The woman lived a slightly clumsy Wink to the audience: attention, that’s not true anyway, with all tousled hairstyle apathetic in an apartment that had been cleaned up a long time ago – with the what!

are The points to children

the drone war is necessary and just? It is a complex issue, which tried to adopt the “crime scene”. Drones, is a much-heard accusation, not to be used for a large number of civilian victims responsible because they besässen those surgical precision, claiming its proponents are so fond of. “The tiny Bouncing dots on the screen,” he said, because the traumatized drone pilot, “were children.”

For a Drama, this output would have been enough, but the “scene of the crime” is a crime, and the other Suspects had to come up with more misdeeds to happen. Appearance of Trbet two Kurdish brothers, one of whom had lost in an American drone attack in Iraq, his small sons. To make on the fate of the attention, he planned with his brother, a drone attack on the US Secretary of state, who was in Mannheim to visit.


But the men failed miserably, and the action flipped back to the soldier, the kidnapped one or both of the Ludwigshafen Commissioner of the interior imposed. She stole her clothes, and because she looked coincidentally similar, it managed to get into the heavily guarded Hotel to the Secretary of state – because they, too, wanted to kill them. Commissioner Lena Odenthal was able to shot the American, however, in the last second, shoot, what now she was in despair: she Had killed a perpetrator or a victim?

The Final shot showed the sick police car from the drones perspective, ant-like people going about Doing her senseless. But the contemplative end is not deceived about the fact that this “had saddled the scene of the crime” theme too much, and playwright, was thought to be little. To stay on the drones issue: well-intentioned, but wrong.

(editing Tamedia)

Created: 09.12.2018, 21:45 PM