How far can you really go? How short is the way, it really to advokatkontoret?And how easy is it really to send a drapstrussel?

It is apparently the big debate in the winter of 2018/2019.

Not enough that the discussion about the limits of Tusvik and Tønnes ytringsrom has been given the Norwegian broadband to glow the last few weeks, on Tuesday underwent a philosopher, social commentator and the freedom of Expression honnørprisvinner Nina Karin Monsen lawyers at Den Nationale Scene (DNS) in Bergen.

She feels defamed by the theater piece “Kim F.”. A, according to the theater, “the show about Kim Frieles life and her struggle for love and the gay rights”. The play had premiere 15. December. Now will monsen’s lawyer to have a remark removed. According to VG illustrates the phrase “the situation when samfunnsdebattanten received the freedom of Expression prize in the 2009”: “Homosexuals are anything other than normal people. They are congenital disability. The gay relationship is inhumane. Gay parents just appear happy in children. In reality they are the alien enemies of their own children as they systematically expose the crimes. Thanks to the new demonic marriage act, we live now in a society that is becoming more and more nazi, and confusingly similar to Stalin and Maos murderous regimes.”

Responding to criticism

According to DNS is not a phrase based on a direct quote, “but Kim Friele remember it”.

And even though others may recognise Monsen in this phrase, she does not even: – Nina Karin Monsen consider this as a rough homophobic text as she takes a distance from. She regards this as pure harassment, wrote the lawyer in a letter to the DNS, according to Bergens Tidende.

Beyond this wasn’t there something about is Nina Karin Monsen is a trifle in the piece. Unfortunately I have not seen the piece, but that Dagbladet critic Lillian Bikset, which reported the piece to the dice roll of four, says: “Nina Karin Monsen is only mentioned in passing”. Professor Dag Øystein Endsjø has in Aftenposten demonstrated how the quotes in Nina Karin Monsen-phrase is “about clean quotes from her own book, “the Battle for marriage and children” from 2009″.

But it is anyway irrelevant. The artistic freedom is great when it comes to theater, to art, to humor. On the debate about Tusvik and Barrel. It probably does hurt, but it should be high under the roof. It should a previously Free-Word-win be fully aware of.

Still: It is s about whether someone has opened up the Pandora’s box and let out the infringement, moaning and advokatmat. It is only two weeks since the DNS be able to tell if another advokatbrev: Family members of Vigdis Hjorth notified a legal action against the DNS because they believed the piece “Heritage and environment” was an “invasion of privacy”. And it is only two months since Laila Anita Bertheussen, her partner to the minister of justice, Tor Mikkel Wara, reported Black Box to the police because the notion “Ways of seeing” uses of video filmed outside their house. the

Loving regards, Dagbladet Plus

“It is easy to imagine that the Hjorth family of the plaintiff DNS because all the other jo has started to do it. In the new Norwegian æreskulturen, it is suddenly right, and not the public debate, which is the preferred venue for the exchange of opinions about how art should relate to reality”, I wrote then. the

to come Nina Karin Monsen in the face, have the DNS proposed a “clarification” in the manuscript. the

Together with dramatikerne we have decided that we can add a sentence in the extension of the sekvensens first remark. This is to emphasize that it is not a direct quote, but retold and adapted Kim Fs memory, said theater manager Anita Haaland to BT. the

do the words changed, in other words not. the

This is possibly the a conflict-dampening measures, but it is also fundamentally problematic. In the same way that it was problematic that the DNS two years ago changed the play “Our honor/our power”, because a bergen shipowner experienced the notion that insulting the face of a long-dead family members. It is problematic because it is an admission of the krenkedes right. And it opens up for new actions, such as DNS, which obviously has the purpose to create locally-relevant theatre, is going to encounter again and again. the

But the theater has the right to infringe. And the court must insist on.

Had to change the theatre performance after a complaint from the shipowner