One thing is that some men may have difficulty to navigate in the consent both before and after the #meto – a second and more overlooked part of this field, are men who become aggressive when they are rejected by a woman

– hello Hello, will you have a drink?

– No, thank you.

– Fuck you, your whore!

Why can’t a man be very difficult to tackle, when a woman does not fall for his obvious charm?

It has a team of researchers from Kansas State University, USA, looked at.

As the title ‘What, I’m not good enough for you? Individual differences in masculine honor beliefs and the endorsement of aggressive responses to romantic rejection’ implies, it is for many of these men of pride and honor.

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6o male and 60 female students participated in the study, where they completed the questionnaire ‘Masculine Honor Beliefs Scale.’ It is about to reveal whether you believe that the masculine honor must be defended. For example, one must specify, where agree is in the statement that ‘physical aggression is always admirable and acceptable,’ and ‘if one offends or insults a man, infringe or insult to his masculinity.’

Then read participants a description of a man, Tom, who at a party gets an eye on a woman he thinks is delicious. After a few futile attempts at eye contact, he goes up to her and introduces himself. They talk a little, which he Tom, asking if he should get her number. She says no.

Then there are several different course of action. In a one goes Empty away, glad that he at least took the chance. In a second he will be offended and call her a bitch, in a third, he is even more aggressive and takes hold of her arm and gives her a Matadorbet pig.

the Participants in the study would tell what they thought about Tom’s different reactions, and how violated he has felt as a result of the rejection.

the Researchers then found out that the participants, who generally subscribe to the ideals of male pride and honor, also expected, that the Tom would feel violated and as a lesser man as a result of the rejection – and they also felt that it was appropriate, when Tom reacts aggressively by taking hold of the woman’s arm or call her a whore.

It was several men who had this general world view of masculine honor. but the sex was actually not crucial for whether the participants felt that Tom’s aggressive response to the rejection was inappropriate or appropriate.

the Study also showed that the participants think that a rejection, that others could attend, it was more offensive for the glory of the man.

The u.s. researchers could not determine whether the aggressive reactions is primarily to punish the woman or whether it is a way of the man, restoring his honor.

previously, We asked sexologist and datingekspert Bastian Larsen on why some men are so aggressive by a rejection:

– Some times it comes the man’s response after a long series of rejections. Of course, it is never acceptable to react aggressively and threatening no matter how many times you get rejected, says Larsen.

Datingeksperten believe that men’s frustration many times is derived from the role, he feel the pressure down in:

– There is unfortunately still no equality about the initiative, whether online or live datingscenen, so if there must be something, falls the responsibility in 99 percent of the cases back at the man. And men today are many times brought up, they are not allowed to take the initiative, because it works for mandet or aggressively.

– at the same time, men are also made fun of for not being more like Mr. Grey and take control. There are incredibly many contradictory signals, believes Bastian Larsen, and for men who are brought up with female values and at the same time is filled with masculine feelings, it’s hard not to feel wrong:

– It means very often that you either give up or drink themselves into courage is when you dare to take the initiative, for most men know very well that they are being shot down 99 percent of the time, because we, as men, do not address us on ‘the right’ way.

When you as a man constantly getting rejected, you can easily end up in a bitter state of perpetual frustration, explains Larsen:

– For even if we men also get to know that if we just take the initiative, so goes everything well, learns quickly, that it is not reality. It is the same boring story that has not progressed in thousands of years.