A woman is able to orgasm many times in a row. The expert told how to do it.Porn star Nina for isabelle hartley is a strict opinion orgasm. Women, it is everyone’s own responsibility to know how to communicate with their partner so that to get yourself to orgasm.

“the Man was good in bed. He made me come many times in a row.”

The phrase is familiar, mainly from films and tv-series, but in real life it is heard much less. Is there a way that multiple consecutive orgasm is rare in women?

women, too, have individual differences in how quickly triggered after tolerate contact, but, in principle, a woman is always possible to continue immediately towards a new orgasm, a special level sexual therapist Berry Kihlström said.

a Man can teach himself in a multi orgasm for as long as you learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation, but usually the orgasm recovery will take time. The woman is instead can cum easily several times in a row. It is quite possibility of additional pleasure, but how multiple consecutive orgasm can achieve? Berries, according to the center’s view of sexuality, which can maintain the arousal of emotion.

– the Important thing is that go instantly to orgasm after mind trade list to write, but keep it wonderful the more erotic the ace state and having an orgasm are all off. Many popped right away after the coming of the shower, but I recommend to try it, that’s staying in bed and enjoy.

– If you feel that the situation “a flash in the pan”, so for example, my favorite fantasio for help can raise their own moods again, and away again on a journey towards an orgasm.


Berry winked, that if intimate areas are not resistant to the touch immediately triggered after the partner can touch or caress other places. Or then the woman can caress a moment partner.

– you know I just lie down should not remain for a long time, but I recommend to keep the excited-state of mind above.

Berry stresses that successive orgasms like orgasm in general. Help, Ligobet when you know how usually triggered.

Every woman should look at the sexual history and to find there those star moments. What things you combine one of the best experiences? What turns and how do you usually orgasm? Past experiences can be a real treasure trove.

special level sex therapist Berry Kihlström keep my practice is Sexpo foundation, Helsinki. For more information: www.marjakihlstrom.fi.

the Thing is published for the first time 31.03.2017.