There is soil in the sexforskningen in these years, where sexual relations outside of marriage is not only seen as something potentially dangerous ‘because now we get all the aids and chlamydia and/or there must be something wrong with the people psychologically’.

Recently, american researchers looked at how non-committal sex is not cold and numb and that you can easily get and give care, even if you don’t love the partner or barely know the person.

In the study responded 639 young americans to questions about their caring, loving behavior during sex in a committed relationship and in a no strings attached shag. The behavior was: Cuddling (cuddle, fondle and caress), sleep together and cuddle, foreplay and see each other in the deep eyes. Likewise, the participants ‘ preferences and thoughts about these things examined.

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Almost all of the participants prefer to have all four of the loving behaviour of a real girlfriend. No surprise there.

compared to non-committal sex, the picture is slightly less sharp, but nevertheless most will still have at least one of the four activities. 70 percent will have foreplay, 58 percent cuddling, 42 percent sleep together and cuddle and 27 percent want to see each other deeply in the eyes.

This suggests that the more intimate a of behavior be seen as, the less likely it is that you will will have it under a non-binding report.

Women report more often that they would cuddle and sleep together no strings attached sex, while no gender differences are compared to see the eyes and foreplay.

in Addition, the survey reveals that the people who want no strings attached sex, also have more focus on the intimate behavior under the form of sex – which indicate that persons who are not on the hunt for a committed relationship, still looking for intimacy – they get it just in the loose conditions.

Conversely, it turns out that people who prefer the permanent Gencobahis relationship, not looking for so much intimacy and affectionate behavior in casual sex, which, according to lead author Justin Garcia indicates that here people do not try to simulate intimacy in non-committal sex and reserve that sort of behavior to the fixed conditions.

However, it should be added that they still also want to cuddle at the no strings attached sex.

another similar study, also helps to puncture any myths about the one-night stand:

Several years of statistics from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health at 375 pair of young twins show that there is no causal relationship between depression and suicidal ideation, on the one hand and non-committal sex on the other.

Depressive young people with any suicidal thoughts have not more likely to have multiple sex partners. Young people with multiple sex partners do not have more likely to develop depression and or suicidal thoughts over time. And, regardless of gender.

With a tvillingestudie get the researchers controlled for possible genetic and demographic conditions. Which should mean that the outcome to a greater degree than other studies are more in line with reality.

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A third study suggests that personality has great importance for how a one-night stand feels like.

371 collegestuderende (socialvidenskabernes response in rats) were followed for 12 weeks, over a semester and over a whole year. In the time completed each week various questionnaires, which among other things should disclose their psychological state (self-esteem, satisfaction with life, depression and anxiety), just as they did, what kind of sex they had (oral, vaginal, and anal).

And sørmee if it is not proved that the persons who had an open socioseksualitet (that means that you are sympathetic to non-committal sex), reported greater psychological well-being, after they had had a one-night stand, compared to if they had not scored.

For those who had a more closed socioseksualitet, there were no psychological differences. Gender also did not have the great importance.

This suggests that non-committal sex is healthy – especially for those who like it …