the British parliament is knocked out by the presentation of an election evening at nine o’clock on Monday. The presentation behind it would have taken more than two-thirds of mps, but voted only 299 representatives. Show opposed to 70 and the rest abstained.

Prime minister Boris Johnson had wanted to hold elections 12. December.

as Soon as the outcome of the vote to Johnson announced that the country’s conservative government put forward a bill that would allow parliament elections on the same day.

in Contrast to parliament today prevented a show of elections, the bill passing the required only a simple majority.

Johnson says elections are necessary, because the gap in the EU is mired in a stalemate.

the Opposition is not outright rejected the bill, but announced that it would investigate that before a decision on possible support. Parliament is expected to debate and vote on the draft law Tuesday.

Raivion Petri told me less than 2 minutes why Brexit is worth doing until the end.Help pienpuolue night?

brexit to oppose the liberal democrats and the Scottish national party the SNP have drawn up together with the plan, according to which the parliament would be brought to the presentation of the election date by the law to change so that it would allow early elections already 9. December.

Especially the liberal democrats have so far insisted on brexit in a new referendum. The accession of the new elections law draft means in practice that the requirement of a referendum has been left behind.

the Government could bring this bill to the processing already tomorrow, on Tuesday. It would be largely the same content as today’s bill. It can be adopted by a simple majority.

If either the election date is approved, Britain could get a new house just before christmas.

At the time, the question becomes, when the country gets a new government. Most likely it would not be until mid-January, when the EU-divorce settlement processing once again very scarce time.

the liberal democrats went with the conservative government has already managed to upset the labour party representatives.

Johnson approved the moratorium

Johnson opened the house debate by saying that he confirmed officially time brexit for in a letter to European council president Donald Tusk . Johnson also reported that he had asked the EU to reject the possibility of deferral of continuation January 31. after a long day.

Parliament spoken Johnson said he feared that the parliament will never accept erosopimus if it has the possibility of extra time at the end of January after.

Feelings were hot in parliament before the vote in the elections.

This is the prime minister, not to be trusted, the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corby said and list your untrue promises.

He reminded Johnson has promised that he will never get into the EU-the difference to the deferral. False was according to him also the promise that Northern ireland and the rest of Britain between your checks.

the labour party agrees with corby according to reviews, that a new election is required. The party has insisted that no agreement by the brexit risk must first be ruled out. Corby also said its support for the elections to the students at the appropriate time.

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View from the houses of Parliament in London.Neil Hall / EPABrexit-extension until the end of January

European union issued today in the uk for a new extension period, the EU-erolleen. European council president Donald Tusk tell brexit’s a new deadline on Twitter.

the French were told previously that a shorter deferral to the British, but the EU countries will find a common line, i.e. brexit new deadline is at the end of January 2020. Britain can leave the EU also, in the past, if erosopimus accepted in the British parliament.

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the Two opposition parties gave their support to the new elections in the Uk, if brexit is given additional time until January

Analysis: British prime minister erosopimus received in principle approval but before the time the elections are still likely before the EU-the difference in the Uk get to be the finish

Johnson significant loss, whether a new election?

Sources: Reuters, AFP, BTI

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