This front man of the house has been renovated and decorated with love.

the front man of the house interior fit-used and recycled. It prove Sanna and Tom home in Pori.

the Front blog to Mary Sexton-Nyman to visit the family at home. Clerk-Nyman reported that the couple purchased the renovation needs of the Kalebet house in 2012.

– And Sanna and Tom’s home is a renovated lot: painted, dismantled, rebuilt, tiled, masonry old brick wall, inner stairs, piled in the kitchens and built in summer kitchen – is to make almost everything! Clerk-Nyman says.

video of the visit you can see here.

Mary Sexton-Nyman to visit sanna’s family in Pori. Clerk-nyman’s blog

the House got a new life in family hands. Buildings in addition to Sanna wants to give a new opportunity for trade to: family home has a lot of souped-up and recycled objects.

Sanna picture calls himself ”different interior decorating”.

the front man of the house the interior is rich and layered and it differs from the prevalent on the minimalist scandinavian style, the Clerk-Nyman says.

the Interior is really this front man of the house the trick! See more photos of the gorgeous home here.

sanna in the hands of the old stuff get a new life. Clerk-nyman’s blog personality of the decoration is also current trends, such as rattan furniture and wicker baskets. Clerk-nyman’s blog

a Personal two – room- brick walls and a plank floor.

child of the family the family house was made for more room to renovate.

child of the family two-story home at the cable factory.