Independence day night clock 18 is ignited according to a tradition, the two candles on the window sill. But why? LKA

the Tradition of the candles is coming from as early as 1700-century Swedish rule from until, told the Finnish literature society archives research, Juha nose radius . At that time, the candles of the holiday celebrating the royal family on their anniversary, or their visit to Finland.

nose radius tell you that in the late 1800s candles were changed, however, the rebellion of the tool. They began to sortovuosina burn Runeberg day, 5. February, russification protest symbol.

When independence day in the autumn of 1919 established the beginning of December, was also moved to the candles burning in there day. Until 1946 served as the independence of the federal called in 1927 the citizens to burn the candle clock 18-21.

the Smoking tradition has remained to live until this day. Independence association does not, however, taken a position candles to the amount.

Traditionally, the candles are lit in the window on independence day, at 18-21. RAINE lehtonen why two?

nose radius points out that traditions explain when there is rarely only one right Jokerbet answer. Two candle is explained referring to, for example, home and fatherland, but the ranger story to tell that candles were used to signify a safe place to stay.

Archives researcher said to bend its third, down to earth explanation for a position. Traditional detached house of windows was divided into screens, and window sill lighted candles were placed one in each window alaruutuun.

– What other number would that be? Was inherent in a place for two candles. If there had been one, it would have been asymmetrical. The three candles from the middle one would have stayed hidden and the four candles would have been a waste, nose radius reasons.

Candles color instead, it is changed from white to blue-white until the last few decades.

I don’t know how to say, when they have consciously begun to do white and blue daddy. It just happened. They’re not in my childhood yet blue and white.

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