Skarpnäck+ FÖLJBrand on the second floor in multi-apartment buildings in SkarpnäckNYHETER

Emergency crews are fighting a fire on the second floor of an apartment block in Cavan.

“the Fire is isolated to one apartment but there is smoke in the stairwell,” says Jesper Vestling at the greater Stockholm fire department.

15 persons have been evacuated by the civil protection maskinstegar.

At 21.52 was alerted emergency services to Tätorpsvägen in Skarpnäck and a fire in an apartment.

the witness Moss Al-Ftlawi to Aftonbladet ended up in the middle of the rescue operation.

– all of a sudden drove two fire engines, an ambulance and a police officer passed by me at full speed. They opened the window of an apartment as it poured smoke out, ” he says.

– A person had to be lifted out of an apartment with the faucet because it had a sprained foot. Another came out Onbahis in a bathrobe, the person had trouble getting up because it’s hosted so greatly.

Photo: Moss Al-ftlawi

in Total 17 persons evacuated.

– 15 persons have been evacuated with the help of our maskinstegar, ” says Emil Skoglund at ssbf.

– We have received report that there should not be any serious injuries.

The 23-time was the fire under control but rökspridningen in the property was still substantial.

“It’s a great smoke that we’re working on to vent out now,” says Emil Skoglund.

No other dwellings shall currently be vast but the smoke has spread into the stairwell.

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