Rebellion is brewing in earnest in Google, where a large group of software developers has just published an appeal to the company’s management.

In asking Google to drop the development of the censored search engine called Dragonfly, which the company plans to launch in China.

‘Our opposition to the Dragonfly is not about China. We are opposed to the technology that helps the powerful to suppress the weak,’ writes the group, among other things.

‘The chinese government is not only to stifle freedom of expression and use surveillance to Ka├žak Bahis Siteleri suppress dissidents.’

Technology – 27. sep. 2018 – at. 20:13, Google celebrates 20 years in the day: But this story they are not telling the

According to the developers is the Dragonfly just an instrument that can provide authoritarian regimes like the chinese more weapons of repression.

‘Dragonfly supports censorship and helps the authorities to misinform.’

‘Such a tool can be used to close the mouth of marginalised groups,’ writes the staff, which now goes along with Amnesty International, which requires Dragonfly scrapped.

so far, the management of Google, however, ignored the criticism and continued the project.

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