If you go through the Scraper, you will find a new watering hole for out-relaxälskaren. Here it is very bad for the money and unadorned. For the moment, it is drop-in, but in future will Snöskrapan be bookable for up to 20 people.

the scraper’s courtyard, Götgatan 78.
Badutbud: A wood-fired sauna and two electric saunas, wood-fired hot tub.
Serving: Miniburgarrestaurangen 8th Brrrrger
opening Hours: Wednesday, Thursday: 16.00-20.00, Friday: 16.00-22.00 and Saturday 12.00-22.00.
Season: 23 november 2018 – February 23, 2019.
Price: : 80 dollars for unlimited access to swimming and sauna.

Men do things together on the Snöskrapan. Photo: Pressphoto

On scandic’s hotel at Brunkebergstorg there is a concept called the Night Swimmers on Saturdays, with a drink and a dj. All the other days they have open and with or without club is the place for you who want to get a spa-experience, both inside and out. This is both more luxurious and more expensive swimming-pool-experience with access to everything you could wish for in food and drink.

Brunkebergstorg 9.
Badutbud: outdoor Pool, sauna, and sensory showers.
Serving: The Nest Cocktail Lounge with mocktails, cocktails, afternoon tea, lunch and breakfast.
opening Hours: All the days 07.30-20.00, Saturday 07.30-22.00.
Season: all Year.
Price: 395 sek for hotel guests and 595 sek for the third party.

For those who don’t want to be anywhere else than in town, and at the same time, swimming is the Selma City Spa of your haunt. Here you can book or take a drop-in at the time – and kvällsspa both outside and inside, or in the lounge.

Östra Järnvägsgatan 35.
Badutbud: outdoor Pool and a sauna and relaxation area.
Serving: the Rooftop bar is closed during the winter months, but as required can be purchased in the hotel’s bar and restaurant.
Betmatik opening Hours: All the days around 8.30-21.30. Day spa to 14.00 and kvällsspa from 15.00.
Season: all Year.
Price: 350 sek Monday to Thursday, per person, 550 sek Saturday and Sunday per person.

Solna is vinhotellet The Winery who want to rsvp Italy and focuses entirely on the wine. But for the badsugne they also feature a year-round rooftop pool. Here, you don’t have Stockholm’s city centre and can pretend that you are abroad, but with the Swedish cold. The swimming pool is for hotel guests only, but you can book a day room from 11 to 21 and get free access to the swimming pool.

Rosenborgsgatan 20
Badutbud: Rooftop pool, 30°C, and the hotel’s other amenities.
Serving: During the winter months is the rooftop bar closed but it is good to order from the hotel’s bar and take refreshments up to the pool.
opening Hours: All the days 11-21.
Season: all Year round with the exception of the colder weather than -10°C.
Price: 800 sek for two persons.

A vinvin situation at The Winery. Photo: Jan Malmström

Are you a mobile person who wants the most in the speed you can with the Stockholm Bastuflotte and Bastubil get with you in a bar, and a sauna to your outdoor pool area. What comes to bastubilen you can choose where you want to be picked up and delivered and where you want to go for a swim. Do you want to buy a complete dinner, it is equally good.

At sea, or on the road.
Badutbud: Swim from bastuflotten or stay with bastubilen at the desired bathing area.
Serving: Bar and food preference.
opening Hours: When you book for at least two hours.
Season: all Year.
Price: From the 2,000 crowns

this is The sauna – and the pool for those who want to do it yourself, cheaply, and in the archipelago. The archipelago foundation in Stockholm offers many sauna near the sea through the hostels and in the summer, but at Nämdö can you sauna and bathe as you wish, with them and that you desire, all year. The entry fee is a tjugolapp.

Långvik, Nämdö.
Badutbud: Sauna with a swim in the sea.
Serving: with the one you desire.
opening Hours: All the days 17-19 of the unsold bad.
Season: all Year round.
Access: Pre-order on the spot, bring your own firewood after October. Pour only fresh water on the aggregates. Clean.
Price: $ 20 per person, pay by swish.

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