The erotic model and actress Jessica Gonzalez says that many women are often jealous of her because of her big natural tits. It has been so bad that she even got death threats by some of its more than 253.000 followers on instagram. But it in no way frightened Jessica Gonzalez, who continues to regularly put photos of her big lush body out on the social media.

The 35-year-old adult actress has also as a film director, made several experimental short films, where she is involved, including the ‘Abashed’ and ‘La Cruda Realidad’.

To the news Media Drum World tells Jessica Gonzalez from Madrid, that she always had it good with his own body, since she was quite small. As she developed into a prolific woman was the self-confidence even more, and today she is quite proud of her body weight at 70 kilos and her big natural tits.

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Jessica lives by his lush body and is proud of her big natural tits. (Photo: Media Drum World)

Additional Magazine shows in the way at the bottom of the article in a large image archive, a series of revealing pictures of Jessica.

Although Jessica Gonzalez allegedly in many men’s eyes have a lush drømmekrop, admits the 35-year-old spaniard, to her ex-partners often became Nerobet jealous, because of the great attention she got from other men when she was wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Back in 2012, dead, Jessica’s sister from lung cancer. This led, subsequently, to Jessica Gonzalez developed the disease schizophrenia. It took her several years to regain his confidence and ignore the negative comments from strangers, that could affect her mental health.

– I have received several death threats. Sometimes I felt fear. But today, I feel very strong. And I’m not afraid, ” says Jessica, adding:

– The worst comment I ever got, was in connection with that one of my followers just didn’t work my late sister. The woman also wrote that I was going to die just like my sister. Sometimes people on social media really be evil, ” says Jessica, who assume that the woman has been jealous of Jessica’s self-confidence about her own body.

– I have a body with very large curves, and thus it is not so normal nowadays. I also have a exotic face. I am half gypsy and half mexican. And it is a rare combination. I am very exotic. And in order to be successful today, one must preferably be different, says Jessica, adding:

– I’m well aware that not everyone who likes my body, and it is not everyone who cares about the things I am dealing with. There are also some who believe that because you are sexy, then you are also stupid. But it is not.

Here shows Jessica his forms on a motorcycle. (photo: Media Drum World)