The Swedish elitserien in CS:GO+ FÖLJLotb win the league in CS:GO 2018E-SPORTS

Lotb from Kalmar win the league in 2018.

the Team, which also won the regular season, had a kraftuppvisning against Frillkammare from Gävle in the final.

“It is not possible to describe, it is so darn fun,” says Jonathan, ”Dorfen” Hindorf after the victory.

Lotb against Frillkammare. Kalmar towards Gävle. 150 000 sek, and expensive computer accessories in the game. It was the setting for the grand finale in the Swedish hockey league in CS:GO on Inferno Online in Stockholm.

The first map, classic Nuke, was selected by the Kalmarlaget Lotb – who started on the harder anfallssidan. Trainer Jonathan ”Dorfen” Hindorf set, however, is constantly with his notebook and the team had in the half-time, after all, a lead with a round.

Lead was then in all the way and Kalmarlaget took in a kartas distance from the title as Swedish champions.

Even the drama of the

Frillkammares last chance came on the Train, and the staff team with the large the audience support also had the lead at half-time with 8-7.

The second half was an evenly-drama all the way, but grundserievinnarna from Kalmar proved too strong for the Frillkammare.

After kartsegern, and a total of 2-0 in the finals, so is Lotb now historic winner of the first season of the Swedish elite league in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In-game leader Jonathan ”Dorfen” Hindorf is the lyric after the victory, and refuses to relinquish the trophy when Sportbladet meet him after the final.

– It is not Aresbet possible to describe, it is so damn fun. All the hard work and the job has been done, all the bad days, all the adversity. All the time spent gives results, it is so damn good, ” he says and continues:

– We know what we can do when we are at our best, we tried to raise our minimum standard.

”Now, we’ll just celebrate”

He stresses that a good lagkemi and the ability to keep calm in pressure situations has been the key to Kalmarlagets success in elitserien.

Photo: Martin Allgren

Dorfen does not hesitate even a second when he may designate the team’s best player in the finals.

– It is Eddeman, without a doubt. He has steppat up brutally now. He is entryfragger and makes it unbelievably good. He opens up the map, he clutchar. He has not only been entryfragger in this final, he has been everything.

What are your plans in the future after the victory?

– Now, we’ll just celebrate and have fun, and next week we get to talk through how we are going to continue in the future.

And in the evening?

– In the evening, we’ll just party, ” concludes a already hes Jonathan Hindorf.

Photo: SportbladetJonathan ”Dorfen” Hindorf with the trophy