iHLN Dozens of Dutch smes and large companies were given last month to deal with the latest gijzelsoftware ‘SamSam’, but also in our country there were already several victims. With SamSam lock criminals your computer until you via bitcoins a certain amount of pay. “But first, the software ensures that your backups will be erased, giving you far less options than in previous gijzelprogramma’s”, sounds.

According to Eddy Willems, beveiligingsexpert G-Data, was the aanvallenpiek on Belgian companies just after the summer. “In september and October, most of the notifications, now it seems about to take off,” says Willems.

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SamSam is different than previous gijzelsoftware, such as WannaCry and GandCrab. Who beat immediately after infection, blocked files and demanded ransom. The creators of SamSam waiting and watching Kalebet first. They look at where they entered and whether they go deeper into the systems can penetrate, so as to have more damage to it. Then delete or sabotage SamSam in silence to the back-ups, in order to prevent a company, the contamination can undo.

it is Only when that is done, turn SamSam and the files are locked. “This is a new trend. They go really refined and carefully to work, to the probability that a victim has no other option than to pay,” says the Dutch researcher Frank Groenewegen, Fox-IT.


“The problem is that still too few people invest in a reliable security system,” says Willems. “Half of the virus scanners is armed against ransomware, so make sure you as one. But in practice, there are still people gambling at the no virus scanner to use, by the security not to renew, or by the scanner off. There benefit from this kind of criminals than always.”