The Swedish elitserien in CS:GO+ FÖLJSkrällde in the drama: ”Reinforced to us the”E-SPORTS

There was a big drama in the Stockholmsderbyt.

finally stood formstarka Spinboat as the victor against the [. A win that raises hope.

“It is well, therefore, we have sharpened us,” says Andreas ”Addi” Wallenberg after the match.

Stockholmsderbyt between the [eighth map and Spinboat, who find themselves in the bottom, gave us great entertainment. The match on the map Cache turned healthy and every ekorunda felt dangerous for both teams.

After having been inseparable almost all the way so managed to Spinboat complete skrällen with 16-14. It means that the team has won four straight games and suddenly has a chance to reach the playoffs at the beginning of december.

– We’re aiming for, of course that take us to the recieves, it is the goal. It is well, therefore, we Redwin have sharpened us, ” said Spinboat-player Andreas ”Addi” Wallenberg in the broadcast after the game.


Large parts

Prior to that: Lundlaget Granite Gaming needed a win as bortalag against the Finalboss in order to remain on a slutspelsplats.

home team is from Karlskoga, which plays to stay in the league, chose to start as CT side on the map Mirage. But Granite Gaming stood in the place of a large bortakross with 16-2, and is therefore three important points in the slutspelskampen.

– I think that we have been in a small accident, but I hope that we will come back and reach the playoffs, ” said Granite player Henric ”Hechtikal” Öhlund in Sportbladets broadcast after the victory.


In the evening’s third match, won the Brbdmalite from Kalmar to Bollnäslaget Norrlands guld with 16-6.