do you want to buy a cheap freezer, new shoes or accessories to your kitchen during Black Friday, you should check out the prices extra carefully.

An analysis by the Resin made of 29.000 items from the 29 most popular stores in Denmark, reveal that at least every tenth deals can be purely bluff.

– It has really been an eye-opener for us, ” says Martin Andersen, who is the director of Resin.

Figures show that one should really be careful. Just because it is Black Friday, it makes no guarantee of a good offer.

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24. september has Outdoor daily total of the prices for the many products together. The figures show that every third store has raised prices.

And even when one sorts the goods from that were on offer in september, there are several categories where the prices have taken a suspicious rate up.

– One could get the suspicion, that it is also a bit easier to make a price reduction when the price is already set up, assess, Martin Andersen.

In the price observation is vinkøleskabe, handicrafts, pots and pans as well as grill accessories are among the categories where prices have risen the most.

Also appliances and shoes is affected by the price increases.

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At the Consumer council Think will result not behind on Jakob Steenstrup, who is a legal consultant. For even if the stores are not massaging their prices illegally, consumers should be aware.

Shops will want their prices to appear as something quite exceptional on Black Friday.

– Which one must just say that over the year, it is lots of discounts, so there does not necessarily need to be anything special about Black Friday.

His advice is to you is critical.

– Look at the price, and use more of the prisportalerne to check what the prices have been, also no longer back.

10 categories: Here are the prices increased most

VinkøleskabeBrugskunstGryder and PanderGrill tilbehørEmhætterIndbygningsovneKogepladerskofryserekomfur

Source: PriceRunners survey of prices

One method could be to use the prisgrafer, which, among other things Resin has in its system.

– the Graphs can reveal, if the price of an item is constantly changing. If it does, there’s a good possibility that you can get a good deal again in the next month.

– And if the price has raised in recent months, but have been down and reversing the former, Ngsbahis is there something that suggests that it is not here is a good offer, says the council from the Martin Andersen.

You can get more advice on hunting for the right deals here.

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Apple also goes completely black in the year

It is usually not available, as Apple is known for. But the u.s. techgigant jumps in the year with the wave and keep Black Friday in Denmark.

It takes place online from Friday, and Apple’s sale lasts through Monday.