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It is now the fourth time that ‘A Star Is Born’ is being filmed. The first time was in 1937 with Fredric March and Janet Gaynor in the supporting roles, then in 1954 with James Mason and Judy Garland, then in 1976 with Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand and now here in the 21. century with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

We can start by noting that it certainly lives up to its title. Actually double up. For in the home country, the UNITED states, where the film has been received with great enthusiasm, it has been regarded as a breakthrough for both Bradley Cooper as a director (it is his debut on the side of the camera) and for Lady Gaga as an actress (this is her first major role).

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Cooper has also helped to write the screenplay, produce and is credited as the medkomponist on some of the songs (he even sings), which also is written of bl.a. Lady Gaga, Jason Isbell, Mark Ronson and Lukas Nelson (yes, he is the son of Willie).

the side of The case fails, in other words, not something, and the music is much better than it was in the 1976 version, which is the of the predecessors, Coopes film leans closest up.

‘A Star Is Born’ is not a musical, but a story with inlaid songs, and they occur quite naturally in the movie flow. It is the story of the aging countryrocker Jackson Maine (Cooper), who can still attract an audience, but mostly keeps it running on steroids, booze and pills.

He is struggling furthermore, with increasing deafness, tinnitus, and barndomstraumer, for it must not be a lie. On a bøsseklub, where he has gone into in order to quench the eternal thirst, he discovers Youwin by chance on young, talented Ally (Gaga), which, however, struggling with inferiority.

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He soon convinced her that she can, and the two fall in love, of course, and are quickly married. While her career rises to the top, escalates his abuse, and it is quite fast clear that this is a tale that can’t possibly end happily.

in other words, it is not saved on the plates here, nor the melodramatic touches. Kleenex-button is turned up to 11 pretty much all the time, and the kind of usually has the opposite effect on me. I feel simply spoken down to. It also applies here, and I simply do not understand the much hype that has been surrounding ‘A Star Is Born’.

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Preserved, there is a part to enjoy along the way. The music works as mentioned excellent, and played convincing virtually all the way around (not least Sam Elliott as Jackson’s older brother and manager is a coup), and there are many fine enkeltscener along the way – not least a Grammy-the distribution from hell is a memorable one – but the whole thing is simply so square, predictable and not the least so flæbende sentimentally screwed together, it gets even a Disney movie to seem cynical.

It is also quite problematic, although Cooper and Lady Gaga both make it brilliant (not least in the musical sequences), so guess you never really on the chemistry between them. Which rut quite a lot in something that basic is a melodramatic tragedy. However, it is a pleasure to see Lady Gaga in something close to their natural state. It is after all rare.

‘A Star Is Born’ seems almost designed to participate in the Oscar race, it already is projected good chances in. It you can, depending on the temperament take as a warning or a recommendation. I just take a tudekiks instead.

Medv.: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliottt, Dave Chappelle ft.fl.