All of the eleven public universities in Berlin have special programs to facilitate Refugees the beginning of a course of study. Only the Beuth University for technology in the center is not run the project “Refugees Welcome” to the next year. The Senate office for science and research, said the University had set “for organisational reasons”, the cooperation with the German Academic exchange service (DAAD). This promotes the programmes “Integra” and “Welcome” to the universities.

At the Beuth University of applied Sciences launched the project in January 2016, 134 people, including 115 men, have so far participated. It includes language and preparation courses. The prospective students have listeners during which the Status of a Guest. 27 of them were, according to the Senate office and then also a course of study. There could be more, because this number is based on a voluntary disclosure of the freshmen. The DAAD said on demand, the University has not made any further application for the continuation of the project.

The University explained that the project group have completed their commitment to the Regret of the high school. The project had been very successful, said Monika Major, the University President. You’ll have to develop Alternatives to the project. The management of the project had taken professors of the University. The advice centre for Refugees in the Central student counselling service exists to continue and allows for supporting access to higher education.

project Manager, Matthias Schmidt, a Professor ─░llegal Bahis for business administration, did not want to begin by expressing publicly. On Monday, human rights day, there will be an information session on this topic at the University, they would possibly tell something about this. This “reflection of the Camp” will be discussed, the project finally, and rating.

No application without a professional activity

During the current winter semester, the evidence for knowledge of the language had been tightened up, it means at the University. Many students had to leave the course. With the end of the project, the work contract will end in the natural Sciences with a doctorate Syrian. An increase in their body was been rejected by the school before, she told the daily mirror. Including your naturalization application suffer now. The competent authority had informed her that her method would not rest until the re-recording of a professional activity. The University administration has not responded to a question on the future of the contributors to the project. For the implementation of the project with its own teaching program and intensive counseling, the DAAD-funding had been a necessary part.

More about

anti-Semitism of its namesake Beuth-Hochschule discussed about renaming

Amory Burchard Tilmann Warnecke

also, the renaming of the University is discussed. Because the name of the donor, Christian Peter Beuth was an anti-Semite. In a speech of 1811, the wish of the high Prussian Ministerial official of the Jews to the death. Many students ask why the renaming is not done for a long time.