Rural the first shops are located in residential buildings. Now you get to peep for yourself.Askola municipality is located in eastern Uusimaa. 1800 houses built inside a historic surprise. the Metropolitan OP-the real estate centre Ltd. DHW

askola I juornaan the village the first store began operations in 1874, and at best the village had four stores. The first trade work in residential buildings. Now one of them is for sale.

the Front to find a sales announcement in the 1800s the construction of a private house, within which that store is located.

the total Living area of slightly more than 200 square home has a separate entrance from the store mode.

These doors is the entrance to the store. the Metropolitan OP-the real estate centre Ltd. DHW

lawrence hill at the time of the photo exhibition, askola the main library in the summer to assemble a library clerk and askola cultural side of the corresponding Keth Strömdahl told me, that the store used to run times of Oscar lawrence hill .

Trade have been lawrence hill was also an enthusiast photographer and he has documented juornaan village in the early 1900s, from a variety of perspectives.

Laurinmäen trade juornaan the village was in operation from Pinbahis the 1920s always-1960s until the mid.

from That time resemble store shelves and dishes, that are original.

Now on the shelves there are books and copper pans, but before the store was sold to the transfer of land reserves, agricultural and building supplies, food supplies, coffee, flour, sausage, and nails, as well as siivilävanua, which was used in the country, when the milk sifted milk tonkkaan.

in Addition, the store got a steaming bread, which bake Oskar’s wife, Hilma lawrence hill . the Metropolitan OP-the real estate centre Ltd. DHW

the homeowner Tanja Fast told me, that before their property is not only Laurinmäen family owned.

we don’t have even occurred to me to dismantle the trade off. It belongs to this house and it is valued.

Fast told that the property is found years among mail bags and limuesansseja.

Esansseilla found explanation: the store was once Laurinmäen developed by the lemonade machine.

Strömdahl tell you that although during the rest of the trade no longer yielded anything, it was kept open for amusement, as laurin hill just simply kept trading on hold.

Oscar lawrence hill was born in 1878 and died in 1967. Brent laurin hill/Antti Nieminen Archive/Askola-album.en

Source: juornaan village.en

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