28. november answer Red youth-leader Tobias Lund responds to KrFUs Martine Tønnessens post about the EEA agreement. Where Martine goes too far to write off EEA-resistance as nationalistic and unrealistic, helps Lund rather little to explain what the real option is.

the Solution is somewhere in the middle of the extremes. The biggest problem with the current EEA-agreement is that the left has not done its job, while the right side has helped as much as they can.

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It is not the first and foremost EEA that drive larger differences or impairs the labour market in Norway, it is the government that makes. It is not the EEA that have opened for more temporary employment, or removed collective søksmålsrett. It is not the EEA that have added up to the privatization of Norwegian schools or allowed bemanningsbyråene take over the job to the NAV.

It is not in the EEA that have implemented usosiale tax cuts for the very richest while ordinary people are avspist with the more expensive kindergartens and higher taxes. With the Right government we’ve got a EEA-agreement on the speed.

When the Uk drawn to the right, it is because we have a bourgeois majority in Parliament. English policy is determined to the greatest extent in Norway, and we have a much greater scope within the EEA than what we Egobet use today. Today is the Norwegian directorates and agencies more obedient in implementing Eu legislation than Eu member states.

Norway belongs to the european community Comment

Through your use of the leeway we can safeguard Norwegian interests, as we have done with reversion amount, differentiated social security contributions or to ensure that the continental shelf is not part of the EEA agreement.

Norwegian politics is controlled first and foremost, in parliament, in the counties and in the municipalities of our. Not in Brussels. In AP-controlled municipalities have one powered important motkraft against the government’s policies.

In Tromsø, the Labour party taking privatised services back into public under the auspices, and in this way secured the employees ‘ wages and pensions. In Bergen we have together with the trade unions replaced bemanningsbyråer with public vikarpooler where the people have a permanent staff.

In Oslo has introduced the Oslo model for the investments and procurement requirements for the position, pay between assignments, trainees, and the use of skilled labour. This is to use the scope. And more can be done, both up against the EEA, in the municipalities, and not least in parliament.

Think Tobias that it is not relevant who governing in Norwegian municipalities? The numbers are in so that it does.

Those who are opposed to the EEA-agreement on the left need to learn that Norway is a small country in an open economy, and our relations with our closest neighbors have extremely much to say for the Norwegian employees. 80 per cent of Norwegian exports go to the EU, while 70 per cent of Norwegian imports come from the EU.

The servant, not Norwegian interests to isolate us from the rest of Europe, in the very least for our most important and competitive industries.

They that are of critical importance to the EEA must at one time or another to explain what that option is. The EEA agreement was negotiated at a time when the EFTA was greater than the EU and thus had forhandlingsmakten on his side.

When the united Kingdom, as the world’s fifth largest economy and with 65 million inhabitants, unable to get to a good agreement, which forhandlingsgrunnlag Norway?

The workplace in the Uk need is a new government that is fighting for Norwegian workers. Hope we Red Youth is going to contribute to. There is an untapped opportunity to use the scope of the EEA agreement, so that a good deal gets even better. It is a CONTRACTING policy that brings together Norway.

the Heart must cease to demonisere the EU Debate