the Tv host suffers from the rare disease myxødem – low metabolism. If left untreated, the disease can even be fatal.

And the whole two times it has been in the end fatal to the popular tv host. It she tells of the day to BT.

– The numbers I got measured, was so crazy bad. Several of the body’s functions had ceased to work. I had a bad feeling in the chest, and my heart could not keep up with it, says Lene Beier to BT.

But it was not enough. The disease makes it hard to get pregnant, and in addition there is a risk that girls will inherit the disease from their mother. But as Lene would give birth to his first son, it went so wrong again.

– It was the most insane Mobilbahis birth in the world, tells Lene Beier-

Her boy Arthur was very very large at birth, which may be due to Lene Beier’s disease. He got stuck in the pelvis at birth, after it was too late to perform a caesarean section. Arthur had broken his collarbone and Lene Beier sprained tailbone and lost two liters of blood, when the doctors had to bring the big boy to the world.

Lene went with the dangerous disease for a long time before the doctors found out what it was that made the tv host as sick as she was.

– Man goes in the stand. The problem is that people can’t find out what one fails, but one can even notice that there is something very wrong. My girlfriends thought I was a hypochondriac. I think Anders did (Lene Beier’s husband and then-boyfriend, ed.), explains tv host. the

the Disease which almost beat Lene death affects her still. Even though Lene Beier get the medicine against the dangerous disease, she is still very kuldskær and get sore and white fingertips in the cold. She will get hurt in the head, if the light is too bright and looks bad in the dark.