Up to 15,000 fupbutikker trying to, in general, Danish consumers money when they shop on the web.

It shows a mapping from the e-mark is a voluntary certification scheme for Danish webshops.

this is Why it is important to keep a watchful eye, if you are surfing the web thin for good deals on Black Friday.

– It is quite a serious and alarming that there are so many fupbutikker. The danes are some of those who are most industrious to purchase on the web, and therefore it is logical enough that the criminal is where the money is, says Toke Mølgaard, who is head of communications with the e-mark.

There are about 15.000 online shops with foreign domains, as is trying to speak directly to the consumers on the Danish or with Danish selling prices.

And in fact, every fifth consumer experienced to be cheated by buying on the net, shows a study from the Race.

It is either that the goods never came, that you got a counterfeit product, or of one’s credit card information was abused.

– a lot of danes shop online. This is particularly true for christmas and on black friday, and why is it here too large numbers, says Marie Wessel, who is head of the unit in the Race.

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She recommends consumers to use their critical faculties, before they pay for the goods.

– very basic so it is about to use his common sense – when you shop on the web. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then it’s usually also, says Marie Wessel.

in Addition, it is good to consider fupbutikkernes url and website content, as there are typically not spent so much time on the language.

– to look for obvious meego extension, as many of fupsiderne is translated by means of the machines, says Toke Mølgaard from the e-mark.

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The many fake shops were on Thursday reported to the fraud squad.

But as they have at home in a foreign country, the police in the countries concerned, which should stand to close the pages down.

– It can unfortunately take time, and therefore it is important to keep a good eye, says Toke Mølgaard.

How to avoid being scammed by fake online stores

Here are some advices to avoid falling in the traps:

You should keep an eye on the netbutikkens name fits with the products that are being sold.

the Right online stores usually have very simple urls – often it is only the store’s name. Fupbutikkers urls are often longer and have not always any connection with the goods sold.

Real shops often write something about themselves – including history and values. It uses fupbutikker rarely energy. If they do, there are often spelling mistakes and poor English.

Fupbutikker often sell goods very cheap. If they are significantly cheaper than other places, it may be a sign that it is a counterfeit, or you may never receive the item.

If you are acting on the pages, pretending to be Danish, to look after the eight-digit REGISTRATION number. You can also look for the e mark, there is a certification scheme for Danish webshops.

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