it Is time that Argentina appeals to his infinite and incunable testament football. It’s time to lay claim to Di Stefano, Maradona and Messi, victims of a country amnesiac. Of a country hijacked by the bullying of bars even more infamous that brave who don’t hide their campechanía with leaders and politicians of the guard. It is time to evoke the Chart, the sharp pen of Roberto Fontanarrosa, the versallesca writing of Jorge Valdano, the criminal eternal of Osvaldo Soriano, the troubadour voice of Víctor Hugo Morales… In short, it is time for Argentina to put in parentheses so much blight that the subdue and get an overdose of self-esteem football. Arguments plenty of for a do of chest. Not only has it been a nursery extraordinary of players, but no one put it better lyrics and voice to this wonderful game that owes so much to Argentina. By most that you have seen the shame in these times of sewers, the export of the Superclásico should assume the banderazo to a purge blunt.


D’onofrio: “What happened in the Superclásico should be the 11-S argentino”, “The Liberators was a cup that time forgot” ‘A scam’, by Diego Latorre

Madrid, with its cathedral Santiago Bernabéu —where River already paraded on five occasions and Mouth in a—, represents a unique opportunity for the two teams, standings for your good people (which is plentiful and abundant), to contribute to exorcise so many demons. True that none passes by a time of recreation. As a symptom, Pablo Pérez, xeneize, and Ponzio, a millionaire, two die-hard media noisemakers of all life, are the most passes give. Guys promising as Peacock bass (Mouth) and Ezequiel Palacios (River) are still in the boarding lounge. A few illustrated, but the two sets do not lack lineage after 110 years of superclásica rivalry, more than a century of challenges with electrical overload, which have become the órdagos mutual in a derby like no other. Six Copas Libertadores light-to-Mouth and three to the River. But none will be like it is in Piabet game, because there was never a duel swordsman in a final summit like this. So argentinamente hyperbolic that the tiritona of the one and the other before a possible defeat has proved seismic in the whole planet. The option of losing has prevailed over the option of winning. To the extent that there has been more out in the offices that in the grass. There is no turning back. Without a candy box in which tremble with the areas and without the blast wave of the Monumental, River and Boca, Boca and River, the coliseum of La Castellana in madrid will be an enclosure operatic. So strange the prairie as the stands, where you will come together for the first time in years and years, the two legions of fans. Or your screaming will have an echo recognizable, with militants here and there, neighbors, the Spanish, arrived from Argentina and from all corners of Europe.

Never a Superclásico was so universal, and more than Buenos Aires cry the amputation of the match of all matches. Today, the showcase will be orbital. Should be enough for the world to provide for the great Argentina soccer. That Argentina unforgettable, that made us know that the ball does not stain. That Argentina grateful to the old via Di Stefano, whose mimo to the ball by anyone like Maradona and Messi. And no one had the priceless privilege of Spain, happily watered from the other side of the puddle for the best of the argentine football. There was only a River and the Mouth at the sight of spain. A historical fact that celebrate life always, that all remember that this is football, only football. And don’t forget that the canonization of the winner will not be the same if you do not know how to win, like the condemnation of the loser will be reduced if you know how to lose.